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fefol z capsule uses in hindi

Fefol Tablet uses use

fefol z capsule uses in hindi :- today we will review Seoul Jade Capsule, where is this capsule used in these conditions and what are its benefits and what are the side effects, so let’s watch today’s video. Let’s start, before starting the video, if you have not subscribed to my channel yet, fefol z capsule uses in hindi  then subscribe to this channel and also press the bell icon so that you can be the first to get all the latest notifications. The proposal capsule of CSK company. A standard which is made by and

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  • There is a company whose products all work very well. There are strips of 15 capsules. Its MRP is around Rs
  • 156. Talking about the ingredients, it contains ingredients like carbonyl iron with zinc sulphate monohydrate
  • and folic acid. Let’s talk about some of its benefits, friends, Full Z is a very good capsule which we use in some
  • ways like iron deficiency, iron means to overcome the blood deficiency, which some people suffer from due to
  • blood deficiency. -If you feel dizzy while moving around, have headache, feel heavy, then such a condition
  • occurs.

We use full root capsule. Apart from this, fatigue in the body, weakness, blurred vision, pain in joints and knees, we use pole root capsule in all such conditions. If you give pimple root capsule, If you use it continuously for three months, your weight will increase to a great extent and your weight will also open in a good way. Overall, Phool Jhad Capsule Board maintains it well, so friends, these were some of its benefits, now let’s talk. About the country Friends, we take People’s and Capsules one capsule a day every day.

Fefol Tablet uses use
Fefol Tablet uses use

You can also take time for some simple tips. Now let’s talk about pre-questions i.e. precautions. I propose to never over eat Peepal Jet Capsule and before using any medicine, familiarize yourself with it and worship your friends. Never eat the capsule on an empty stomach, these were some precautions. Now let’s talk about the side effects. Friends, this capsule also has side effects like constipation, indigestion or stomach pain. Such side effects are visible, friends. This is some information related to Feel Z Capsule in today’s video.

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