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Home » Manjummel Boys Movie REVIEW – bsmaurya

Manjummel Boys Movie REVIEW – bsmaurya

Manjummel Boys Movie

Manjummel Boys Movie REVIEW – bsmaurya

Manjummel Boys Movie REVIEW – bsmaurya I am not going to tell you anything about it, not even 1, because this is a cinema which can be experienced only in the theatre. Yes, but let me give you a small introduction of the real life story on which it is based. The story is a bit scary, rest. Listen with Safety There is a famous picnic spot in the forest of Tamil Nadu which is called Guna Cave, but this is just a deception because the real Guna Cave is the one where actually people are not allowed to go. Even after going inside the cave, there is a cave which was discovered by the British. Named The Devil’s Kitchen, meaning the place where the devil

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You have cooked your food. Hey Even, some people also call it Nature’s Mortuary, where God keeps dead bodies. Why does this place have such a scary name? There is a whole real life history behind it. If someone accidentally falls into this cave, he has not returned till today. Did not come back out? You must have seen this photo many times on the internet along with many motivational quotes. Devil’s Kitchen is its real life example. It is said that as much as this mountain is above the ground where Guna Cave is built, this Devil’s Kitchen is below the ground. The door of direct hell goes deep, it is known that according to police records, 16 people fell into it.

Manjummel Boys Movie REVIEW -  bsmaurya
Manjummel Boys Movie REVIEW – bsmaurya

Whose whereabouts are unknown till date, who once fell down, neither he came nor his voice. When I am getting goosebumps in telling such a scary story, then what will be the condition when you see it live with your eyes in the theatre. I am not scaring you, I am preparing for life time experience Manju Mal Boys is a very powerful cinema which you will never forget in your life. The film has been made in a survival thriller style, full of suspense which will keep you comfortably on the seat till the very last scene. Will not let you sit, this is a totally unpredictable story, especially for those people.

Manjummel Boys Movie REVIEW – bsmaurya

For those who are hearing about Gunah Ke Vs for the first time, Hint Ending will be like this, your eyes will be moist. Film making is so close to reality that the twists and turns in the film come exactly like real life when you least expect them. Ready. No, it won’t be the last time for that. I don’t even remember when I experienced so many emotions simultaneously while watching a movie. Fear, anger, comedy, tragedy, everything. It’s not an easy movie. Many scenes may seem disturbing to you. Interesting police character in the movie. I’m too provocative to be shocked
You will especially remember this thing while watching a scene that it is not just a story, its impact with someone in real life increases 100 times in your mind, plus the acting performances in this film look like CCTV footage and not a film. Forget the actors, they are all real life characters, when there is no need of dialogues to take the story of a film forward, you start understanding the story just by looking at the expressions of the actors, Boss, this film is special, we are always the credit for the success of a film, we are the stars. Let’s catch the cast easily

But the real Even after the movie, you start feeling suffocation, what cave, get scared by the name of the cave, even if you close your eyes after the movie is over, you will go straight to Devil’s Kitchen, thanks to the genius direction which is going to play with your mind. Personally, I have not seen any

movie with this movie. After a very long time, every person sitting in the theater felt so much
I have seen while connecting, frankly speaking, if Manju Mal Boys was made in Hollywood then Boss would have definitely won the Oscar award in its hands. Even the British have not seen such realistic cinema, then Boss Undine Jumal Boys is going to get full five stars from me and There is no other option, first, creative direction, why Guna Caves are called Devil’s Kitchen, just telling, not showing through live eyes, second, impactful story telling, full of twists and turns, ending which is almost impossible to predict, third, roller coaster ride of emotions, Bapne.
It doesn’t relate to real life situations as much as these two hours will test you. Fourth, speechless acting performance. The difference between cinema and reality has become zero. And last but not the least, the authenticity of the film is as real as the visuals. A big set. No over the top special effects, raw natural hunting cinema, please do watch this film, then if you tell it to your friends, it will feel like an achievement and yes only in theaters, this is a condition, don’t waste time on TV, mobile, okay, you liked something in the rest of the video. Or if you have any complaint then I will let you know.
Wait a bit, see you in the next video, take care bye bye

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