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Home » Murder Mubarak Movie REVIEW – bsmaurya

Murder Mubarak Movie REVIEW – bsmaurya

Murder Mubarak Movie REVIEW

Murder Mubarak Movie REVIEW – bsmaurya

Murder Mubarak Movie REVIEW – bsmaurya As soon as we hear the word murder, we run away as if we have seen a ghost, but murder in films is everyone’s favorite, like changing the body of a human being to a dog in the climax of Drishyam Vav, top level cinema, don’t forget in life, it is fun. Well, a new puzzle has come for you, this time there is murder in the name of the film itself. Murder Mubarak is a club of the rich, sir, whose membership fee is ₹ crore 999 lakh and yes, there is a waiting period of 20 years only after that. You must be thinking that you will get entry in this club for only 2 crores, how will you get an old mansion?

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Murder Mubarak’ Movie desire movie trade,

  • K Raja Saheb, the actresses of the famous films of her time and the most interesting of all, a dead body, the
  • atmosphere has become a bit serious, I will not make light of it, the famous love story of the club, a ghostly
  • husband, his widow wife, followed by a lawyer, lover triangle, all this at one place. Let me tell you the truth, a
  • fee of Rs 2 crore doesn’t seem less, so how will we find out who committed the murder? It is the job of
  • Inspector Saheb to unravel the web-like life of these rich people very easily, but there are so many twists andturns in this story, isn’t it? That’s just one small mistake and Inspector Saheb himself

Murder Mubarak Movie desire movie trade


Will become the next victim of the spider, new day, new party, everyone is dancing in the club, completely unaware of this, there is someone among them who has taken the life of a person a few hours ago, oh man, this is solved, isn’t it, one more murder before that? It becomes a gun, a bullet comes out of the gun and on the other side, take the head of a servant. Congratulations to everyone on another murder. You must have understood that this is not an ordinary film. Boss illusion is like the deception of the eyes. Despite being in front of your eyes, you do not catch the murderer. The world’s most dangerous game, the Shaka game, is the real theme of this film where

Murder Mubarak’ Movie isaimini movies,

  1. The writers of the film have fun with you by giving small hints to the public. It is easy to climb the tree when
  2. compared to this one. Similarly, there is not just one story in this film, there are many stories within the story
  3. as much as this one. The more you think about the film in your mind, the more you will feel like watching this
  4. film. But be careful, the film is not as good as you are dreaming of. The story of the film is as much fun to read
  5. and listen to as it is to a dangerous experience while watching it with your eyes. Madari talk will not feel perfect

The movie to be seen is in the same category, the same director’s film Being Cyrus youtube3 This combination is as difficult as finding water on Mars, within our Bollywood and in the pursuit of this comedy, the murder mystery of this film is sacrificed. What kind of suspense is that suspense? The kind of cinema that comes out in jokes and makes the audience look for humor in their lives by making the rich people look like aliens, this time that effort has proved to be a bit of a failure. If too many actors enter a film than required, it would turn into Bhaiya Khichdi. 10 people have 30 dialogues, only three dialogues

Murder Mubarak’ Movie tamilrockers 2024 tamil movies download,

  • How to connect with a character in a film? Public’s connection with the film is most important. How
  • good the actors are. Only three people are enough to create suspense. Look at the devil. Pankaj sir
  • has a lot of acting powers but these powers are not properly utilized. You should also know how to
  • use the word Joker. There is a difference between Joker and Batman’s Joker. There are many actors
  • in the film but no one gets such special attention. This is not an actor’s film at all, the story is its real
  • hero. Beyond that, just pay attention. From my side, Murder Mubarak is given two and a half stars
  • out of five.

Keep guessing the story in the story Second dark comedy is not perfect but keep trying and half the climax has small twists which maybe people would not have expected on 99 The first mistake in the negatives is the film is not serious There should be fear even in dark comedy Second complaint Story Yes Yes Method of showing the story No No Rest half Pankaj Sir has been wasted brother, he has amazing acting skills, don’t just ask him for dialogues, do something like Drishyam, one line review, if you want to use pass time properly then watch Being Cyrus again

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