Prabhas said on Brahmastra movie, know the whole news such a big thing

Prabhas said on Brahmastra movie, know the whole news such a big thing

Brahmastra film is being released all over India, if seen, about 8000 plus screens, you will also be surprised to know Prabhas’s reaction to Brahmastra movie, what Prabhas has finally said on Brahmastra As you may know that Brahmastra There has been a lot of discussion about this these days.

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Because this film is being released all over India, if seen, it is being released on almost 8000 plus screen count, while the topic of biggest discussion is also because after SS Rajamouli sahab, the second such director is Ayan Mukerji who has made such a big difference. Made a budget film.

Which has been prepared in a budget of more than 400 crores and in such a situation, this is the reaction of the public, will this film be able to make records like Triple R, KGF 2, Off Pushpa, then recently Prabhas’s reaction on it also surfaced. Recently, with the influence of some media persons, Prabhas was asked many questions about his upcoming projects Salar.

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Meanwhile, Brahmastra movie was also asked about Brahmastra movie, what do you think will this Triple R, Pushpa be able to make some records like KGF Chapter Two or will flop like other Bollywood films, then he Responding, he said that the first thing is that any film is a hit or flop when the reaction of the public comes to the fore.

The answer to this thing is to leave it in the audience, it depends on the good content of the film, but when I saw the trailer of this film, I really liked the trailer of this film and I think that the level at which But vfx has been used in this film, we get to see it only in Hollywood movies.

So in such a situation, I feel that we should support such films, which will lead to the growth of our Indian border. How many boundaries have already been broken?

I feel that now our Indian cinema has become many times bigger, which has to be taken to a point where we can make our Indian cinema proud and if we talk about Brahmastra, then this film should do well at the box office. That’s what I say to get love support.

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I will also definitely watch this film with my family, after taking time out, they gave a similar reaction and at the same time they left, by the way friends, do you think Brahmastra movie will be able to run at the box office or box like other Bollywood films Will fail at office, definitely tell us your opinion in the comment below and stay connected with us for similar updates.