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shaitaan 2024 Movie Review

shaitaan 2024 Movie Review

shaitaan 2024 Movie Review :-It’s been a very long time since I actually felt scared after watching a Bollywood movie. The last movie was Pari Aur Tumb, which made my heart beat out of control while watching it, but now all the complaints will be resolved once and for all because there is such a movie. Every time you see someone, you will feel a little more scared. It is said that if there is a God, there is also a devil, it is just that he hunts secretly, it is wrong, completely wrong, this has come openly to scare everyone, brother, pay attention to one small thing. Everyone has to keep the original Gujarati film in their heart before clapping for this film.

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shaitaan 2024 Movie Review

There should be respect for the person. Yes, the story is about an unwanted guest. Sir, he has come into the house as per the wish of the family members and will go out as per the wish of the family members. This is what the etiquette says, but there is a small condition of this guest in the house. He will take the beloved daughter with him and yes, he will not force it after taking the blessings of the family members. Why brother, why would anyone send his daughter with a stranger? Will the boss send it when that daughter herself will be standing with a knife on the neck of the family members and when Instead of just trying to kill your beloved younger brother by throwing him off the roof, make it the aim of your life to take his life.

It will take 20 minutes. How did the relationship of a guest become a burden on a family of 20 years? Reason is Sir, which is called black magic in the language of logic. If a black cat crosses your path by mistake, then you change the path. Here, it is complete witchcraft. It is black, it is called vashikaran, it is a car with hypnotism remote, it will run towards whatever button you press, similarly, this girl’s remote is now in the hands of the devil, before the battery gets exhausted, the family members have to bid farewell to their daughter with blessings, otherwise they will go home. Not just one but four dead bodies will emerge and you know who will commit the murder, but perhaps

The whole world will understand this as the second part of Burari. Feeling scared after hearing the name Burari is the only thing that makes Satan different from other Bollywood horror movies. It shows fear not through eyes but through the mind. This is a kind of disturbing cinema which will make you feel scared even if you want. Can’t keep myself away because the topic is so relatable, it can happen to anyone in real life and yes, even by mistake, do not confuse it with horror comedy like Stree or Bhulbhulaiya, you will be in a bad trap because Satan is a complete no. Nonsense dark serious tragedy film is such a scare that you will say thank you after thinking about it.

  • Nothing like this has happened to me till now, some such scenes have been created which perhaps no one had
  • the courage or creativity to try in any Bollywood film before, thanks to Vash, some imagination of the mind is
  • destroyed, isn’t it? Seeing those people in your dreams, you are unable to sleep the whole night, it’s just that the
  • devil has given them the shape and the best thing is that the trailer that was cut of the film did not give people
  • even the slightest hint as to whom they will meet in the theatre. You know that the subject of the film is going
  • to be Vashikaran, but who will actually do the Vashikaran?

Hai Feller has created tremendous suspense beyond that and as soon as you enter the theater, R Madhavan’s character will start revealing itself in front of you, you will ask yourself whether you made a mistake by booking the ticket, which one was unpressurized, all these questions are not answered. Someone should have wanted it. Come on, tell me honestly, after watching Drishyam, how many people would have thought that let’s watch the original film, this is just a remake, I can bet that even at 90 people would not know that Drishyam was a remake film, that’s all the same thing. The devil has controlled everything frame to frame by giving full respect to the emotions.

Story, Acting, everything has been recreated as it was, even the actors are also the same, Janaki has taken the experience of scaring her in the original film and raised the devil a step higher, the performance is a bit high, the character written is very dangerous, and on top of that, the expressions are It gives you such an uncomfortable feeling while sitting on the seat that you will laugh so hard that it will take away your life. Ajay Devgan fans will have to sit in the back here. The car is completely driven by R Madhavan and Jaan. You sit and enjoy with the windows open. Yes, climax. It will be fun when your Drishyam family man comes back, content based.

shaitaan 2024 Movie Review
shaitaan 2024 Movie Review

The film will be sold in the name of Ajay Devgan. If you have to speak, thank you, then the devil will get full and a half stars out of five from me. First, serious cinema, fear is such that it is not just shown, but it is made to be felt. Second, realistic but horrifying story, which makes the mind completely dizzy. 3rd Obviously performances by Jyotika R Madhavan Ajay sir and Janaki you guys can’t avoid them in theater 4th By picking up the original film in which the music has been edited plus a little darkness has been added to the visuals Big level pay to good sir Half star No time pass straight Attack Attack Attack Running at the speed of a rabbit

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