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Veer Savarkar movie

Veer Savarkar movie

Veer Savarkar movie

Veer Savarkar movie:- Look, nowadays people are not giving much importance to patriotic films, especially if it is a biopic movie, then nothing else, but while I am saying this, a film has just come which is inspired by real life, patriotic as well as biopic. Swatantra Veer Savarkar has come to the theater that too a day before on the night of 21st. I saw this show and surprisingly the theater hall was quite houseful which was actually unexpected for me so let’s talk quickly. Well hello my name is Yogi and We will meet again and again. Look, there is no doubt that Randeep Huda is a very

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He is a good actor but in this movie he has gone to the next level brother, in this movie you get to see his different forms and for Kaala Paani Ki Saja, he has done his own makeover with dedication, brother, he has done body transformation. No hats off to this guy, but every time you will feel that man, he is repeatedly pointing fingers at a particular political party and when he literally made fun of Congress, he made fun of it, but the makers were not afraid to make fun of Gandhiji too. Whenever Gandhiji came forward, he was represented as if he was a traitor and had no moral values.

  • People did not stop with non-violence, they took their own work forward by violence and literally as soon as the
  • film starts, you are told that the story of independence has been shown to you only by linking it with non-
  • violence, but this is not that story, now Congress BJP is behind this. What is the agenda, only you know but if
  • we talk about the content, then the first half is very slow, brother, I casually asked the person next to me in the
  • first half, how did you like the movie so far, he said, it seemed like an open hymer. Brother, I slept in that too
  • and in this too, serious jokes apart in the second half.

The punishment of Kala Pani is shown. It was a good sequence of 40 to 45 minutes. It was the best sequence of the entire movie that how Savarkar ji was kept in a dark cell, what atrocities happened beyond that, etc. I couldn’t help it. Explain it, if you want, you can watch the movie and do you know that after watching the movies of such freedom fighters in which Gandhiji Savarkar and Netaji are shown, they give such goosebumps and I feel like I wish all of them had already It would have been great if we had known about our freedom, but one thing is that if everything in life is already

  1. If you know what is going to happen then life will be 100% sorted out. Today I am telling you that I am very
  2. itchy or just curious to know about my life. Anyway, there are a lot of things going on in life. Just so you know,
  3. there is an app called Est Talk, I downloaded it and this is not an app review. When I talked to an astrologer,
  4. Pallavi ji, she asked me directly from my date of birth and birth time, whether you are on social media. You
  5. work in media related field, I was shocked that how did they know this, then curiosity.

    Veer Savarkar movie
    Veer Savarkar movie

Because of this, I asked him about his 2024 and about his own personal issues, that too immediately, whatever he told, every single thing turned out to be correct and everything got sorted out, brother and friend, now there is no problem in life. Every day some doubts or issues keep coming in your life too, so I have given the link of Est Talk in the description for you too so that it can be sorted out quickly and yes, the first chat will also be available for free from that link. But at the same time, I would like to say one more thing that there are many such dialogues in which people were clapping wholeheartedly, if you don’t believe it then this is

Listen, from this it is understood that people have liked the movie somewhere but I felt that it was very long, yes brother, it literally felt like this, yes brother, the movie is of 3 hours due to which there were many scenes or incidents which were such that They were not able to present it well because again it is a bio pic and the entire biography can be summed up in 3 hours. It is not a joke. I felt that if it had been a series instead of a movie, it could have done even more amazing. There are so many incidents for which You yourself will have to become a part of history. I mean, you will have to read history well in advance, only then many scenes will come to light.

Because in the process of showing everything of I Also Failed, they forgot to create the plot or simply skipped the buildup. There is only one song in the entire movie and that too in the second half, which again is a good thing but honestly if you If you support Congress then you are going to hate the movie and if you support BJP then you will praise this movie to the fullest, rest it’s your call from which perspective to watch the movie, from the perspective of a bio pic and historical movie. Ya propo ganda but overall as a content point of view it was a good effort where

The unheard struggle of Veer Savarkar ji has been shown just for that and for Randeep Hooda’s acting performance, this movie has three stars left. Do visit Esto Talk from my description link. See you in the next video. Bye.

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