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Azithromycin dose for adults for throat infection | Dose Side and Effects

Azithromycin dose for adults for throat infection Dose Side and Effects
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Azithromycin dose for adults for throat infection | Dose Side and Effects :- Friends, today we will talk about a popular antibiotic which is widely used in our country. I will give you some information about it, what is its dosage, what are the side effects, what are its interactions with other medicines and what are its interactions. If I will give you information, if Tromycin is an antibiotic, that means it works against bacteria but not against viruses and does not work against other protozoa or any helmets, then it is given for such infections which are caused by bacteria. and this broad

  1. Spectrum antibiotic means gram positive bacteria, gram negative bacteria, clam idea or micro plasma, it also
  2. reduces against all of them. It is a very good type of antibiotic. Its action is that it stops the protein synthesis
  3. in the bacteria. Due to this, the bacteria will not be able to make protein and it will become dead, so it
  4. reduces it in this way. Now the indication is that when it is given, in most of the cases it is respiratory
  5. infection, that is, any disease related to breathing, whether it is pneumonia or sore throat. Francis ho translate ho

Be it rhinitis or cyanosaitis, it is given in all of them because it reduces the gram positive bacteria very well. Apart from this, it also reduces the entry fiber in typhoid and is also given in STD sexually transmitted diseases and one of its roles is nowadays. This is also a normal medicine which is given if the main resistance of TV is increased or any machine is given, then there are 45 indications for it. Now talking about its dosage and duration, it is a medicine which lasts for a long time. If it is good then this is the normal dose for an adult which is 500 mg once a day.

  • There is only one tablet of 500 mg and its duration varies according to different diseases, like if someone has
  • a sore throat, pneumonia, if all these people have problems then it is a course of five to seven days, but if
  • someone is given a course for STD. For example, the single dose given for the treatment of Gana is sufficient
  • and the one given for Tuberculosis, for difficult workshoes, Usmein is then given for months, generally
  • whatever it is for, it is mostly given in the throat. For the infection and soreness, the minimum course of this
  • punch is seven days.

Even if it is to be given less than 200 mg, it mostly comes for three days, in some cases it remains punch, in others it remains three. Now let’s talk about whether it is a major site. It is very safe. In most of the cases, the side effect is diarrhea. The thing is that it is a broad spectrum antibiotic, it stops the protein synthesis of bacteria, so the harmful bacteria are killed and along with it, the good bacteria inside the stomach are also killed, so if any side effect occurs, then in most of the cases it is diarrhea. Because the good bacteria in the stomach

They kill and in some cases, the side effects it has are related to the heart, meaning it disturbs the rhythm of the heart, although this happens in very few cases. In a normal healthy person, there is nothing to be worried about. Because it programs the interval and there is a little one more side effect, that is hearing in the feet, so these are two side effects which are very rare, so it is quite safe, it can be given to anyone, there is a lot of it, there is nothing to be afraid of. And how to eat it? You can eat it with food or without food.

You can take it with food, it is fine, but you have to keep one or two things in mind that the antacid which contains aluminum and magnesium should not be taken with it, it reduces its net effect, just this. You have to take care of this and if we talk about drug interactions, then those who are medical students or those who are there should be aware about drug interactions whether Jithromisee Nagar is running or we are giving it, then other claims in the patient such as Which one cannot be given to or if one can give then it has to be given with caution.

There are some such davaiyan like once again these are these and the second one is that if two together then usmein which is increased by Muslim ji, oxygen is a round thing, these are four-five davaiyan, if it is going on in any patient then then this It has to be given carefully under the supervision of a doctor or paramarsh has to be taken by a doctor. There are many people who are not aware about the interactions, so for them there is information that you should also understand which is Ijithromycin. Let’s take some of your questions related to it. One, it is safe in pregnancy and it is safe in electrician.

Liver can be easily given to children also and those who are kidney patients have to keep in mind that if the liver and kidney are more damaged then CBI can be taken, there is no problem but if CBR is damaged then caution will be required and it should be given to those who have heart problems. Problem: Especially in rhythm, pacemaker will be fitted. Then it will not be contraindicated. Cannot be taken with alcohol. These are the questions you may have about this ajitromycin or what should I tell you to the doctor. I have told you about two-three things. Keep in mind that whenever you take medicine

Azithromycin dose for adults for throat infection Dose Side and Effects
Azithromycin dose for adults for throat infection Dose Side and Effects

So, you have to take it for the full five days, do not stop in between, otherwise resistance comes, there may be some diarrhea, there is nothing to worry about it, do not take it with intensity and those who are heart patients should avoid these things. One has to be careful while taking the machine and it reduces only against bacteria and that too in most of the cases gram positive and some gram negative bacteria which is virus and does not reduce usmein which is parasite and malaria which is fungal infection. It does not reduce thomasin in infectious diseases.

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