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Home » Bihar Laghu udhami Yojana machinery list 2024

Bihar Laghu udhami Yojana machinery list 2024

Bihar Laghu udhami Yojana machinery list 2024

Bihar Laghu udhami Yojana machinery list 2024 :-In this video, we are going to tell about the beneficiaries who had applied for the Small Enterprise Scheme, that is 4012 people, their money was deposited in their account. There are some people whose money was not given to them due to an error in their account. Update has also come, watch this video, how do you have to update in it, what do you have to do, then money will come in your account, we have already given information about it, but here all the people who are benefited, they will get the money. The first installment of ₹ 5000000 has been deposited in his account, so how will he start his business or how will he start his business?

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  • If the government is giving you ₹ lakh for this, then based on that, which machinery will you have to use, which
  • parts will you have to buy, based on which money you are being given here, then which machine should you
  • buy? Buy everything without GST, what will you do, a list has been given here of what to do according to the
  • plan which you had selected, like here if we had selected for Luck Degree, then we will have to buy a planner
  • and what else. Everything that will have to be purchased has been told here and it has also been told here that
  • the thing worth ₹ lakh was told to you.

Now the amount of money has also been reduced, some will get Rs. 0000, some will get Rs. 0000, so we are going to give you all the information in this video, so let’s start, this is the official site, this is where the guidelines have been issued to you. To start your business, first of all see the financial plan written here for the Udam scheme for 2023 24. When the first installment has been received, here is the list given to you for purchasing the tool kit related to the project. Look here, it is written that you have to click on it.

And in this way the PDF will be downloaded here for which you had applied, like here is flour, satu gram flour, here is for namkeen, here is jam and jelly, so according to the type of your project, you will get the same here. See, you will have to purchase a machine, like here there is a pantry and rude furniture, like the one who did a woodworking business has been selected, then see, you will have to buy a multi-purpose planer machine, you will have to buy an electric one, which is a hand planer, here there is a- One which is quantity, money is written here, then the planner will be handed to you for Rs 990000.

The electric planer will cost Rs 8000, the wad which is a working tool, the small tools will have to be bought for Rs 15000, the hand tool which will be available will cost you Rs 1 and here the pay counter and chair will be given to any customer. For that deal, what is mentioned here is ₹ 1000000, that is, the total of the counter, which is according to the expenses, the amount that will be in the machinery, that is ₹ 1 55000 and the working capital written here is ₹ 1,000,000, brother, this is yours in your working business. If you have how much capital left, then Rs 2 lakh is given by the government. Rs 45000 is your working capital, which is your capital.

  1. What is left is that you have to do business, invest as much money as you want here for the raw material, just
  2. like you have working capital, which is your capital, brother, 45000 is being told to you, each one which is a
  3. different dealing of the business. Here the total amount that will be received is ₹ Lakh, which will be deducted
  4. from the Pantry, see here the list which has been issued to you, like you have been told about the leather and
  5. name of the jacket, here all the data about the machine has been given, which machine you have got. You want
  6. to purchase but the total amount that will be given to you is only Rs 91000.

If he tells you Rs 2 lakh then it is not your turn this time. The whole process is already going on that your money is reduced by counting the total in the business, so in this way everything has been told to you about the level in which your project will be done. According to which machine you have to purchase, how much money will be given to you, we are showing you the list in this way, to say that earlier also a loan of ₹ 1 lakh was available under the Chief Minister Udemy Scheme, but like for cyber café. Brother, if you apply then you will get 5 lakhs, if you apply for Lokai Carpenter Giri, then 9 lakhs will be given to you.

He will get lakhs according to the category, that is, the price of the machinery has been increased or decreased in its level, for some it is 7 lakhs, for some it is 10 lakhs, for some it is 5 lakhs. In this way, what was said to be 2 lakhs here is a little less. You may get very less but the way the first kiss has been issued, he should inculcate in his mind that those who are under the control of money but which parts of the machine will you have to buy in it, like fruit juice in this. For this, you will have to buy a juicer machine and everything was told to you in this PDF which I showed you, so in this way, any person who first

Bihar Laghu udhami Yojana machinery list 2024
Bihar Laghu udhami Yojana machinery list 2024
  • The installment has come, whatever is your shop, whatever kind of industry you set up, if you can earn some
  • money for your economic condition under this, then the process of doing so has started and you should
  • definitely start your own shop like theirs. The first kiss has come, so buy any machinery part or buy any raw
  • material, like the matter of working capital, if it is about your capital, then you can do any work at whatever
  • level you are, brother will pay you GST. Unless you have complete verification of the industry, there is no verification of the machine.

It is said that without GST, you do not have to work and without GST, you do not have to take any bill, whatever machine you buy, brother, whatever level I was in, I gave you all the information whatever in the initial phase till the time you If the verification is not done, then everything should be done as per the bill, only then whatever happens to you in that verification like geo tagging or the verification of the document will prove to be correct, so in this way we have given you all the information and still in this video. If you have any question related to this then you can ask by commenting and I am Ra

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