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FIRST 2024 Lexus GX550 Get Built on the Toyota Assembly Line | 2024 lexus gx 550 price

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FIRST 2024 Lexus GX550 Get Built on the Toyota Assembly Line

this is just so crazy so we just saw a brand new gx550 drive by never seen one before in person it looks incredible looks really really good all right I think I found my new daily [Music] driver [Music] what’s up everyone Larry Chen here we’re back in Japan and we’re at the tahara Lexus Toyota plant I’m really excited because today we’re going to check out a vehicle assembly plant and Factory for the very first time I’ve been shooting

cars for so long but I’ve never had a chance to do that and lucky for me Toyota and Lexus open up their doors for us to do that we have full access and what I’m really excited about is we actually get to shoot the GX 550 go on the assembly line for the very first time we’re talking about vehicle number one as a production vehicle there’s already prototypes that’s what they use for the shoots but we’re talking about a production vehicle that is not a prototype that is built on the assembly

Watch The FIRST 2024 Lexus GX550 Get Built on the Toyota Assembly Line

line that’s what we’re going to check out tomorrow it’s a big occasion so many people from Toyota and so many people from Lexus will be here to check that out and make sure everything goes good but we’re going to follow that chassis from the beginning all the way to a finished car so I’m really excited about this video video I got my fun Toyota hard hat and I got my little armband that signifies that I’m allowed to take pictures and video inside the plant let’s

button hey if you like what you’re watching do me a favor go check out the hagy driers club 24/7 roadside assistance with flatbed towing subscription to our award-winning magazine and more sign up today links right down here in the description we got kind of got a pretty Bittersweet moment here at the factory we’re watching the frames go through here and it’s actually just coming from the welding room and they’re getting transported on this assembly line to where it gets dipped in a bunch of

chemicals and it actually gets coated there’s like this little rack here that has the last ever GX current gen V8 chassis ever last one coming down the assembly lines number five and it’s I see it it’s this it’s right behind number 28 here the exciting moment for me is that behind it on chassis number 39 is the first ever production GX 550 ever this is it this is the one that we’re going to follow through the whole process while it’s getting built it’s just so cool to watch this happen you know because for a car

nerd especially for a Toyota nerd like myself this means a lot since the start of the GX production line they’ve always been made here in this plant the fact that we got to watch the the actual change over is just so cool in fact when it changed over there was a bit of an error because the machine or the arms didn’t recognize the new chassis cuz it it basically picked up the old chassis put it on the jig and then picked up the new one and put it on the exact same jig so the fact that they’re together getting dipped

together with the same process it really just goes to show that they’re putting just as much effort into the old one as the new one you could see it getting uh put into various chemical baths and I’m assuming that this whole lineup is the wash process and then that lineup is the coating process once it’s coated it looks completely different it has like a black texture to it this this coating or wash whatever it’s going in is uh the most colorful it’s very interesting has this green color and it

2024 Lexus GX 550 Forum

has a very distinctive smell I can’t really put my finger on it so Louis and are just waiting up here for the two frames to kind of go around this conveyor belt thing it’s like a drying session right here before it goes in there yeah so once that’s done it goes into another place and I guess we’ll try our best to follow it along as it goes through its Journey it’s just so cool you know they they build 4 owners here they build Land Cruisers just a bunch of different vehicles on the same assembly line and

that’s just something that I didn’t know existed with that said this is the first time I’m ever visiting an actual car factory like this is like where it’s made from pieces of metal which is just so cool yeah there it is oh there it is there it is there it is I also love the fact that they’re so efficient they would rather not waste a jig to have one old and one new or both old and both new it just happened to be this way where both old and new are in the same jig this is actually all of the drawings

Watch The FIRST 2024 Lexus GX550

markings and the cuts it’s like hey cut a hole here all of that stuff gets uh taken out when it actually gets dipped it’s not taken out it’s just cover or well yeah cover but it’s just so cool to be here you know how excited are you to eat in the Toyota factory CA I never thought I’d be excited to eat look at this this is a Alexa miniature mini car oh this is Cruiser isn’t it 60 yes so cool so cool oh yeah today’s menu you got to love JDM cafes man oh man look at this that looks good hamburger

 stick all of it all of it take it all I’m so excited right now take it all what’ you get bro got them soba noodles soba Hamburg steak soas nice this is the parts that really impress me like it’s just the infrastructure of this Factory all the gas lines for all the welding and another thing that’s really impressive is how much power they need need to run all of the Machinery all the welding machines but you could see a chassis that’s already done here we’re we’re about to see a new GX 550 chassis go

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through this section this is a serious welding operation first of all I couldn’t imagine how much each one of those barrels weighs and then second of all how often do you have to change it you know so it’s so somebody’s job just to make sure that this never stops and it keeps welding every one of these machines need to work Peak efficiency if one of these machines goes down they need to be replaced it also really puts it into perspective because of how many vehicles they actually build right so for example 4Runner alone in one year I

think they’re saying they sold 140,000 145,000 and so think about that okay that’s not the only vehicle that they’re building here they build uh Land Cruiser they build GX and they build 4Runner if you can imagine with this many hundreds of thousands of vehicles coming out of this plant you got to just be pumping them out every couple minutes a new car has to come out and what’s also cool is we’ve been watching all of this happen and there’s like this garage that opens and the new cars that just get finished

2023 lexus gx550 get built on the toyota assembly line 2024,

get driven to like another section here beginning to end vehicle starts as a bunch of parts and metal and by the end we see a completely finished product this is actually a gx550 getting welded together right now and we’re we’re kind of following it from Station to Station but it’s like this giant robot arm that actually brings it from Station to Station and it’s it’s like a symphony of welding that happens at the same time and that’s how they’re able to get so many chassis through H how cool is this

it’s like instant like done it just takes it takes a couple seconds couple seconds 10 second it takes a couple seconds for them just to do the whole car look so now that chassis is coming down this is uh another station station number three station number three look at that look at that oh this really puts it in perspective how they build so many vehicles in such a short amount of time you know when you think they build 100,000 Vehicles that’s what it takes not stop I see what’s going on here there’s uh like this

2023 lexus gx550 get built on the toyota assembly line 2024,

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