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Gadar 2 Official Trailer, Sunny Deol, Ameesha Patel, Utkarsh Sharma, Sajjad | Gadar 2 Official Trailer

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Gadar 2 Official Trailer, Sunny Deol, Ameesha Patel, Utkarsh Sharma, Sajjad | Gadar 2 Official Trailer

Seeing the popularity of the film, now Sunny Deol is bringing Gadar 2 for his fans. Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel’s 2001 superhit film Gadar had made the world crazy. The fans of the film are eagerly waiting to see the pair of Tara Singh and Sakina again, this year on 15th August i.e. on the completion of 75 years of independence, the fans have been surprised by sharing a glimpse of this film.

Yes, a video was shared on YouTube without any announcement, which was shared by Zee Studio, let us tell you that this video is being liked very much Zee Studio has shared the motion poster of the film, congratulating the Amrit Festival of Independence. Along with this, the tricolor is shown, from whose background the theme song of the film is being heard.

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After watching this video, people once again remembered Tara Singh of Gadar, while the fans are commenting and asking about the release date of the film. The motion poster of the film on YouTube has got more than 19 lakh views so far. A fan said in the comment that Gadar is not a film, it is the emotion of the people of the 90s.

In this emotion poster, the motion poster of Gadar 2 has been released among the people in a very spectacular way like the Amrit Festival of 75th Independence. That she is also going to rule the hearts of people once again in the role of Sakina, but let us tell you that the pair of Sakina and Tara Singh in Gadar was well-liked by the people.

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No one knows what will be the story of Gadar 2 yet, but Sunny Deol has definitely told that the same suspense and everything will be created in Gadar 2 as was in Gadar One. In Gadar 2, you will once again get to see the powerful dialogues of Sunny Deol and with this there will be a double dose of action. This time it has to be shown on screen in a great way.


That’s why I can’t tell you the full story of the film right now, but it is definitely going to be liked a lot after watching the film because in the film you will get to see once again what you saw in Gadar and you will see the first Gadar movie. With this, only the sequel of Gadar 2 will definitely be able to relate.

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