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Savi Movie Review 720p, 480p 1080p HD

Savi Movie Review 720p, 480p 1080p HD
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Savi Movie Review 720p, 480p 1080p HD Savi (2024) is a suspenseful crime thriller film that has generated a mixed bag of reviews. Here’s a breakdown of what critics and audiences are saying:

The Plot

Savi revolves around a woman named Savi (played by Divya Khosla Kumar) who breaks out of jail on a mission to free an innocent man. Anil Kapoor portrays a pivotal character, though details about his role are scarce to avoid spoilers.

Praiseworthy Aspects

  • Performances: Many reviewers commend the lead actors’ performances, particularly Divya Khosla Kumar’s portrayal of Savi’s determination. Anil Kapoor is also noted for bringing strength to his role.
  • Suspense: The film is acknowledged for creating moments of suspense that keep viewers engaged in trying to predict the next move.
  • Unique Story: Some reviewers appreciate the film’s attempt at a different kind of story within the Bollywood crime genre.

Points of Criticism

  • Logic Gaps: Some critics point out inconsistencies in the plot or unrealistic actions by characters, taking away from the film’s believability.
  • Familiarity: While the story attempts to be unique, aspects might feel formulaic to viewers familiar with Bollywood crime thrillers.
  • Music: A few reviews mention a lack of impactful music, which can be a significant factor in a film’s overall mood and experience.

Overall Impression

Savi appears to be a watchable thriller with a determined lead performance and moments of suspense. However, those seeking a completely original story or a film grounded in tight logic might be left wanting.

The Final Verdict?

Whether you enjoy Savi depends on your preferences. If you’re looking for a suspenseful Bollywood thriller with a strong female lead, it might be worth checking out. However, if you’re expecting a groundbreaking story or a flawless production, the film’s mixed reviews suggest you might want to manage your expectations.

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