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Shoorveer Web Series Download 480p, 720p, 1080p, 4K web series netflix

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Shoorveer Web Series Download 480p, 720p, 1080p, 4K web series netflix


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Actor Manish Choudhary, who has done films like Satyamev Jayate, Batla House and web series Arya web series, feels his job is to make the character believable. Now he will be seen in the role of Special Forces Commander Ranjan Malik in the military drama web series Shoorveer to be released on Disney Plus Hotstar on July 15. Excerpts from Smita Srivastava’s conversation with him.


Shoorveer Web Series HD शूरवीर वेब सीरीज में ,

When such patriotic stories come to you and the producer directors show interest in working with us, I think you cannot deny it. Well I feel that every Indian is full of patriotism. I always had. As an artist too, we want to do such characters which are heroic and full of patriotism. I always enjoy doing such characters. When I read the script of Shoorveer, I felt that I wanted to do such a role at the age of 20 and 30. (laughs) Being given at the age of 50 doesn’t matter. Came late, but got it. I am very excited about this character.

When Pran sahib, Balraj Sahni or Nutan ji used to come on screen, they used to get attached to their character when they came on screen. Whatever he says or seems to do is true. I never thought looking at them that maybe it wasn’t right. This meant that while doing his job, he took care that what was said was believable. We have grown up seeing them. The credibility that the artist has about the character, I think for the audience, nothing can be a bigger gift to the artist than that.

What was your preparation for this show?

One thing was clear that I would not be able to play Ranjan Malik as Manish. Because the thinking of the Special Forces Commander is not like that of the common man. Nor are their experiences similar to those of ordinary people. His work is very important due to national security, he performs the operation very accurately. I think to create a character, start putting some small things in your mind. Since now there is google and youtube videos are easily available. From there you get the information. Although about ten years ago it was difficult to do so.

Shoorveer Web Series 4K,

I remember going to the library for a movie and looking for something, but now I don’t need to go to the library. I search on my phone and check it. After the Kargil war, our soldiers and officers were not allowed to talk about it. Under national security there are some rules that for how long you cannot talk to the media about it. When that deadline was over, some people together made a documentary on the Kargil War, in which the officers and soldiers have personal experiences of the Kargil War. What was his reaction to his friends who were martyred in the war? What happened to them? She actually became a very strong foundation for me to prepare for the character. His memories helped me a lot to get into the world of Knights.

शूरवीर web series 2022

Your character in the show talks about New India. What is New India according to you?

New India which is confident in itself, young, who wants to move ahead. Which takes its history along and understands its diversity. Wants to make a name for himself in the world.

How important do you consider it to be to react to the events happening around you?

Shoorveer Web Series HD ,

The artist is also a part of the society and his job is to show the mirror to the society. This is the work of any artist, so he is called an artist. So you will do your work by taking what is happening around you. You can’t separate from him. But assuming that you are an actor, then you should know a lot about many things, it is not necessary. You are a small part of the society. Not everything. We are also doing our work in the same way as policemen or journalists do their work. I have always been clear that the image of the society is to be shown in my work. I will not do this by coming from outside, I will do this only by staying in the society.

Shoorveer Web Series 4K शूरवीर वेब सीरीज में मनीष चौधरी,

How was the experience of working with Makrand Deshpande?Even Makrand did not know this when he was shooting for the film Satya with Ram Gopal Varma, when I reached the set of the film. I was there watching Manoj Bajpayee, Saurabh Shukla and Makrand sitting comfortably in a corner for two-three hours. I don’t remember how I reached the set of the film, maybe a friend did. But I still remember that day.