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The Best Multiplayer Games in India: Compete and Connect with Friends

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The Best Multiplayer Games in India: Compete and Connect with Friends


 The Best Multiplayer Games in India: Compete and Connect with Friends In this article you will find information about the most popular online games in India that you can play with your friends. You will also learn about the features of these games and how Indians can make money from such entertainment.


India is the second most populated country in the world. More than 1.4 billion people live there. Despite the fact that only 60 percent of this population has Internet access, multiplayer games are an important part of India’s gaming community. 

In general, Indians’ relationship with this industry is not the easiest. Some people, especially older than 30 years old, consider gaming to be fun and don’t understand why they should spend money on it. On the other hand, even the younger generation who want to game, can’t always afford it. Things like buying a computer, paying for a game and spending money on the Internet are simply out of reach for a number of people. The Best Multiplayer Games in India

Still, the gaming industry is developing everywhere and India is no exception. This article will tell you about which multiplayer games are popular among Indians and how they earn money on BC Game platform.

The Best Multiplayer Games in India Compete and Connect with Friends

MOBA Games

This genre is a multiplayer online battle arena. In recent years, this type of game has achieved global popularity. The most famous representatives are Dota 2 and League of Legends. They are the most famous in India, not only in the MOBA genre, but also among all multiplayer games. 

Nowadays, there are famous major world tournaments with huge amounts of winnings in Dota2, the most famous being the International. Not behind the League of Legends, the most famous Worlds tournament with prizes worth several hundred thousand dollars. 

If you do not attend these tournaments, and you want to not only follow the cybersports matches, but also earn money, there is a solution. You can always bet on these cyber sports events at bcgame. This bookmaker can be trusted, as it’s official and legal by being licensed with the Curacao Gaming Commission under the number 5536/JAZ. 

Shooter Games

Shooters have been popular for a long time, but the ability to play with friends has brought such games to a new level of popularity. PUBG, CS:GO and Call of Duty: mobile are especially popular among Indians. Their features in India will be explained below.


This is a relatively new game that has gained worldwide popularity and India has not been left out. People enjoyed playing PUBG so much that their own version of Battlegrounds Mobile India was launched for them. Another indicator of its popularity is the restrictions that the developers imposed on playing time for Indian users, but after a while these limits were lifted.


CS has been around for more than fifteen years. And all these times it has been the game with the largest number of national and international competitive events. The prize pools are also some of the most impressive. Not so long ago there were whole Internet cafes for CS. But with the development of the Internet they have lost relevance, although CS:GO continues to be one of the popular multiplayer games.

Call of Duty: mobile

Call of Duty is one of the most famous franchises in the gaming business. They have just recently released a mobile version to the online gaming market. And very quickly it has become one of the most popular first-person shooters in the world. It has also been loved in India for its great accessibility, because, as mentioned above, not all the population can afford a computer.

All these games have their own world tournaments with prize money. And many betting sites also give you the chance to make profit from these famous competitions. So, bcgame will not only provide you with their betting platform, but also give you nice bonuses, which include:

  • Welcome bonus (300% on deposit);
  • Deposit Bonus (up to 1260% distributed on your first 4 deposits).

You can read more about the bonus system on their official website.

Fantasy Sports

This is the name given to sport games that are played online with virtual teams. Quite a popular pastime for India and other countries.


Speaking of India, perhaps the most popular would be fantasy cricket. It is the most favourite sport for Indians not only in reality but also on the internet. For instance, when the IPL (Indian Premier League) is held, the popularity of virtual cricket increases tenfold. 

Indians love this game and actively bet on it, so much that they bet around 200 million on every One Day International. 


Football is famous all over the world and certainly FIFA has had its army of fans since the first day. The Indians may not be good at physical football, but they’re very good at virtual one. And naturally, this is one of the most popular sports betting disciplines.

If you want, you can also use the online bookmaker bcgame to place your bets on cricket, football and other popular sports, both fantasy and real.

Card Games

Yes, gambling also has its popularity among Indians. It is a way to have a good time in the company of your friends or strangers and also to earn a certain amount of money. Gambling is widely represented in bc game casino. 

Indians have a special love for Baccarat, Blackjack and Poker. Immerse yourself in the pleasant world of online casino, spend time with friends and play your favourite card game. Indians appreciate the value of such pastimes, which is not to be missed.


In India, as well as all over the world, multiplayer games are actively growing in popularity. They provide an opportunity to spend time with friends and play your favourite game at the same time. 

Despite all the problems that people face in India, starting from slow internet to lack of money for a computer, the online gaming industry is growing and developing in this country. 

Along with the growing popularity of this industry, gambling platforms like bcgame are also increasing in popularity. Betting on favourite sports, cyber sports and even fantasy events helps Indians make money and spend their time in a meaningful way.


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