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Aaina | Full Episode 61 Full HD Online | आईना popular TV serial

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Aaina | Full Episode 61 Full HD Online | आईना
popular TV serial


Aaina | Full Episode 61 Full HD Online | आईना popular TV serial Sunaina Di and Naman ji, at this time Badi Maa Badi Maa, what happened, we were just unable to live without Sunaana, so we brought B with ourselves for the night, she will leave tomorrow morning, Kum didi, Kum didi ji, we talked about it, it’s like this. You have a heart of stone, but today for the sake of your daughter, you have become so soft that you brought her to your house on the first night of her marriage and the poor son-in-law did not even let her celebrate her wedding night. Come on, no problem, Pankaja, go and be a guest. Decorate the room, for the sake of your sister and brother-in-law, they have a good time, make good arrangements and you go.

Yes yes mummy, why don’t you decorate a very nice room, come on Shivya Pankaja thank you but there is no need for that, no mummy I think you should spend time with Suna right now, no problem, I will go and stay in the guest room. I will go [music] Listen, you stay with mom [music] Thank you son, keep living then come with me brother-in-law, I would also get the guest room ready quickly. Okay [music] Look, we were in this jugaad that today Naman Singh

Pankaja Kasi, if not today or tomorrow, Naman Singh will get a shock of 440 volts, but now we don’t need to make any arrangements. Naman Singh will get the shock and you leave everything, go and spread the colors of your beauty and also go to your setting. Go, go, hey Naman ji, oh sorry brother-in-law, let me show you your room. Hey brother, we are your sister-in-law, it is our duty to serve you, it is our duty to serve you. Come, today we will leave you outside the room, but very soon you yourself will stop us. Will Sunaina enter the room directly into his heart?

After running away from there [music] Bhaiya bhaiya, enough is enough, brother, no no, no brother, let’s go home, brother, enough [music] Gharla Pra ji, you, you, your brother, I got stuck with Sana Banwa, today I am going to face the fate of the house, right? You are saying Ramola, oh my sister, she has brought Sumana with her for tonight and poor Naman Singh, we will celebrate our wedding night alone in the guest room, brother, listen, it is okay, we all listen, brother, you listen, right? Bring Sun home yes yes brother let’s tell the truth

Did you not bring Degi? No, brother, now Ba Saab’s name will not be tarnished, saffron, we will keep the shame, Lord Baba Saab, the world will not laugh, O God, brother, let’s go, let’s go from house to house, Parvez, now it will not happen, brother, yes, daughter-in-law has reached. No, yes mother, we have reached, yes, okay, then come early tomorrow morning, don’t study during breakfast and lunch, okay, yes mother, it is okay, okay, mother, don’t take any tension about anything, yes, let’s keep the phone, yes Meghna, we have many congratulations, many blessings

Aaina | Full Episode 61  Full HD Online | आईना   popular TV serial
Aaina | Full Episode 61 Full HD Online | आईना popular TV serial

We have seen the emotions of mothers but we have never seen such a mother who has reached her daughter’s house on her wedding night. Tell me, yes jiji, she has a mind like a fool, you mean like a spy, but Chichi, this girl is strange, why is she in her house first? The people kept him in his maternal house, after that the goons took him away and his mother is not leaving him, there must be something going on, brother-in-law, let me come, there is a secret behind this and we will find out the secret from Markan. If everyone, right up to the servant, chants the same name, then when you see it, it becomes priceless.

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) Turns out it means you are not really priceless. Hey, who said I am priceless [music] Watch this episode on youtube. Every night at 3 o’clock the curtain is going to be raised. In reality, a big bomb is going to explode on Sunaina’s head today. If elder mother tells her the truth. The shape of the round shortbread that you have brought, which rotates like a lake, will it become like a dried marmalade and see, we too were feeling insecure, oh our daughter, Ramola’s daughter’s happiness had been snatched away and that too today, when after telling her her reality, she was in trouble. Mother will take away all the happiness of her life, otherwise this mother’s heart will get cold.

Will you get it? We can’t express it in words, but we can do it. From childhood till today, my elder mother used to take a plateful to her room, she used to make us feel like an outsider in her own house, but now the auspicious time has come in our life. If you want to dance in her happiness, then say, ‘Chale magic ne aur pooch pooch bati kena joda sab ka asar’ thod thod bahe la jaan kehe fun ke kahela hat babila ke karla laga ke bheli jaanli [Music]

Ashes Inside [Music] [Applause] [Music] Ma, we know that you are very concerned about us. You think that we are not safe by going away from you, but Ma, you do not need to worry at all because now we are Yes, for 21 years, you have done so much to save us from that black devil. Now you have forgotten to live for yourself, but perhaps our Kana ji could not see you fighting alone, so he I have sent Naman ji in my life. Naman ji takes care of us as if you don’t listen. He is dearer than life.
(10:56) That’s why mother, so now stop fearing for your Sunaina and start living for yourself. Now Naman ji has come into our lives and will take good care of us [music] Ma, do you remember we saw Naman ji’s face? It was not a coincidence that I had started drawing his picture without knowing. It is said that bangles come from above. Maybe our fate was trying to show us the mirror that Naman ji is the prince of our dreams and we have found him, mother, that dream of ours. it’s over, that’s it, that’s it, yes

What happened to you? Why are you crying? What happened to me? [Music] [Music] Tell me, this is a red door, yes, with three locks on it, go down and go down.

For 21 years, we hid you from the whole world and raised you [Music] Yes mother, because you were worried about your Sunaina and were also afraid of that black devil, No Sunaina, there is one thing that we wanted to tell you but sometimes our heart decided not to listen. If you did not give permission then the circumstances never supported you. Why can’t we live a normal life? You can’t live a normal life. Because we are very special. We have to tell you something, that thing is very secret. The thing that we have to tell you is that when a mother your daughter

Don’t hide it under your lap and eat it below, there is no great compulsion, mother, if you don’t understand, we will explain, let us explain, come, come with us, we will explain, mother, come [music] listen, mother, you take us back to the basement. Why are you taking us, we don’t want to go there, we are suffocating, please, we have been suffocating in that food all our life, we have only heard you telling lies, today we will tell you the truth of your life, we will show you the mirror of truth, come with us [music] yes

Hah [music] Hah [music] Mother, whatever you want to tell me, please tell me quickly. We are feeling very uneasy and scared in this room. Please mother, we do not want to wait any longer on each other. Please tell quickly, it is appropriate for you to be here. But it is natural to feel suffocated, listen but we neither listened nor tried our best to create your own world [of music] here.

Listen, how is the outside world, so that you do not remain unaware of it, I have given you the knowledge of right, wrong, truth and lie through books, but we have kept the truth of your existence hidden from you, but in your hands. I have been given colors so that with these colors you can make the sky of your dreams colorful, you can make the earth colorful, you can make your desires colorful [Music] And you have made your life so colorless and the truth

We hid behind the colors, Ma, I kept a mirror for you to listen to, in which you could see your heavy form, but we obscured your inner existence, Ma, truly, we are not able to understand anything, what are you trying to say? So we are trying to explain, sit and listen, we will create a different world just for you.

That you are separate from that world and even though it is acceptable for you to live in this world under any circumstances, but the people of that world do not accept your living with them, but then that thing about the black devil, you had kept it here in the basement to save you from it. No, don’t listen, that too is one of the thousands of lies that your mother has been telling you for years [Music] Listen, actually, that black devil who wants to kill you since childhood, from whom we have been protecting you for 21 years, fire in the chai food. Put

Diya Bhar Bhar That black devil kidnapped you [Music] That black devil is Bapu Saheb You have given your father He doesn’t want you to live P [Praise] Papa Papa wants to kill us [Music]

Sunela and the one who tells the biggest lie not to listen to you is the one that you are the sweetest girl in this world [Music] Dear, you are very sweet, you are not a girl, you are not a girl, yes.

You, you cannot be anyone’s fragrance, erase it, what are you doing, it is inauspicious to remove Swagan’s vermilion, please remove the wife in the Mangal Sutra, our Mangalu is his wife, but you are his wife, that is what I am telling you.