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Mann Sundar | मन सुन्दर | Full Episode 791| popular TV serial

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Mann Sundar | मन सुन्दर | Full Episode 791| popular TV serial


Mann Sundar | मन सुन्दर | Full Episode 791| popular TV serial Hey Pinku, son, go and bring the movie to Malishka ji. Malishka ji, you were talking to your friend just now, you are very keen to go to watch the movie but you did not have time, Pinku will go and bring you the movie. Go son, no no, I only go with my friends to watch movies. Hey, Pinku is also someone who is a bit shy, she is like your friend and is of your age. Both of you will go to the movies together, believe me Malika ji, you will enjoy a lot. Go son. Show the film and bring it to Mashika ji. I am not going, grandma, I mean my office.

Mann Sundar | मन सुन्दर | Full Episode 791| popular TV serial
Mann Sundar | मन सुन्दर | Full Episode 791| popular TV serial

There is very important work left, all the work is pending, so let me do it first. Hey son, which film is going to last the whole day, the film is of three to four hours, after that you have to do the whole day, so do as much office work as you feel like. Paku son Malishka ji is our guest and it is the duty of the host to take full care of the guest and at this time you are the host so go and get ready and come, go and change your clothes, okay, I am leaving, I will book the ticket, very good, I will book a good movie for you. I would love to send some romantic pictures to both of them, first I will send them to Pinku ji.

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Whenever I went with her, grandmother used to tell me so much and now she herself is sending me with her. It will be fun only when she will know my truth. Look in grandmother’s and sister’s room. Now only my and Agne’s room is left. it has happened

You are alright, sir, thank you. Go a little carefully. For a moment, I felt as if she was Ruhi, but why would Ruhi come like this? I too, I will have to find that trunk anyway. Chakori ji goes away in the name of sweeping. Yes, where are you going? We were going to clean your room, do that later, first prepare for breakfast.

Take it brother, are you okay? Yes, everything is fine. Are you thinking about sister-in-law? No brother, I think you should talk to sister-in-law once. I would say that you should just meet her once. This may be the reason behind her decision. There may be some person whom you don’t even know about and it may also be possible that there may be something like what everyone is thinking about him, so since when did he become so intelligent? What is the name of your saint, brother, what happened to me, summer, I don’t even have a pen. I want to take a drive, I am coming from there now. Samar is right, I should talk to Rohi once, I will remain my reality for a long time after becoming a maid.

Can’t hide, today Naar ji was about to catch me and tomorrow my stomach was going to be exposed in front of mummy ji and the man and not only here I have to lie at my home too, if Zoe comes back from camping then I will have to watch the video all day long. She will keep calling, if she has even the slightest doubt, she will come straight here, no matter what happens, I have very little time, I will have to find that person somehow. Find a knife or screwdriver type thing to open that lock. This might be useful in the kitchen. Is everything okay at home, mom?

So everything is fine, you are lying, there is something which the family members are hiding from us. Yesterday we could not have our first night but today watch this episode on youtube. This maid’s phone is ringing at 0 o’clock and she knows it.

Hey, it’s not like there is a call from Zai or Grandma. Have you lost your mind? Can’t you do your work? You have destroyed all the clothes. What remains of my attention? Forgive me, my sir. I don’t know how the button got opened by mistake. You are the one. Do your work, go and change these clothes, otherwise these clothes will get stained, till then let us clean the kitchen. Stupid Nar ji’s call is good, Agni.

Mann Sundar | मन सुन्दर | Full Episode 791| popular TV serial I didn’t see, you got saved, I thought that you are wise, when you realize your mistake, you will come back to your home, but no, neither do you care about me nor about my house, you are not even picking up my phone, now it’s okay for me too. I don’t want to talk to you, I just switched off the phone and then it got disconnected. I would call Naa back once to see if Naaz got angry again.

Chakai Bhina, why should this small blooming car bring me to Guru, is she planning to kill me, is she giving me some threat.

As for why did she call me? Was she missing me? But if so then why did she not call me again? I will try once and see what it is. It is good that I had kept the car with the tracker in that box. Now, with the help of that tracker, I can trace the person who also has it. I will have to talk to this Guru Maa. It doesn’t take much courage.

The location of the car is being shown above, I don’t know whether you are ready or not, what are you waiting for, what are you doing, who has come at this time, Papa, no, what are you doing here, please come on. If he creates a ruckus here then Malika might come to know the truth about Pinku’s marriage and she might leave the house.

Go Pinku, if he is not at home, then where will you get him? Look, my Pinku wants to move forward in his life, don’t pull him back, get out, get out, no, this can’t happen, you are lying, you can’t do anything like my Pinku. Go, hey, wait a minute, Rak Ri Ru Diya, Dadi ji, if Pinku ji marries someone else, I will set myself on fire and write your name on the suicide note. Then I will die, but not for the rest of my life, nor in jail. the mill will remain

How did this car come to mother? Chakori ji mother ji Chakori, it is good that you yourself see how you clean it, you left this car on the way, oh just now I am about to fall and on top of that it was on, I switched it off mother ji. Where did I come from? We had cleaned the entire house, then how did it come here? How did you get it? Now I should take care of this too. Is she a child in our house? Her toys are lying here and there. She must have thrown them. Next It’s okay to clean carefully


Mann Sundar | मन सुन्दर | Full Episode 791| popular TV serial

If mom didn’t open it, then who opened it? I do one thing, I keep this car here and see who comes to take it. Guruma has come to the house but is not picking up the phone. After all, that’s the secret of that car. What is Chakori tea, bring tea, till now no one has come to take this car, but no problem, I have also come in this car.

Install a tracker, whoever comes to take this car, I will catch him. Sister, what is the secret of this car, but whatever it is, I will have to erase the name and mark of this car. How come the checker has stopped that you have not done anything to me? go and see the bar

Or maybe that person did not know that someone was trying to track him. Now how do I find out that person? Aunty, now Nar has come so early. Yes, that younger mother had left an important file at home and he came to collect it. Just came this aunty, you all take the fruit, I can’t find my file, which file was it son, that little mother, I probably gave it to Ruhi two to three weeks ago to keep, I also found that black colored file in the upstairs room. I took it, it’s not even there, I don’t know where I left it, I don’t mind, I would help.

Hey son, if you have a very important file then call Ruhi, hey why phone phone Ruhi, the file must be kept somewhere here son, you will find it, search properly, it is black in color, yes yes, I will help you find it, everyone please quickly find that Saxena. ji’s file, there is a meeting in a little while, please hurry up, everyone, I also see it, sir, this is the one, no, no, this is the file, I had kept the file in the study room, sir, ji hai ka, hey one.

Second, this is the same file, but how did you get that file? When we were cleaning the room, we saw the same file kept in the E room, so we thought that it could be the E one, that is why we brought it, but it was of black color. There are many files, how do you know, this is the one of Saxena, only he knew about this file.