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Free Gas Cylinder yojana 2.0 Free Gas subsidy pm ujjwala yojana 2.0

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Free Gas Cylinder yojana 2.0 Free Gas subsidy pm ujjwala yojana 2.0

Free Gas Cylinder yojana 2.0 Free Gas subsidy pm ujjwalayojana 2.0 Be it a new rule of the Indian Center or the Modi Government, changes in the schemes or anything that is related to the Indian Center and the Modi Government, it is related to you. I work to provide accurate and reliable information. If you are associated with me, then you will not be able to tell me this. Didn’t know when this scheme came and when it went away, either not connected or not seen

Free gas cylinder free gas subsidy ujjwala

PM Kisan Samman inspires, be it Ayushman Card, PM Ujjwala Yojana, PM Awas Yojana, BPL Ration Card, your PAN Card, ATM Card, Aadhar Card, Voter ID, your Bank, your Loan, your ATM, everything will be available accurately. You will get the news from the world, please subscribe to the channel, so brother, first look at this proof, I am showing you today’s newspaper, which day is 4 December 2023, what is it brother, 4 December 2023, okay, Dainik Bhaskar is considered to be the fire among the Hindi newspapers of India. Hai Jagran Dainik Bhaskar Hamar Ujala Nav Bharat Times Kuch Ye Hindustan Kuch Ye
  • There are newspapers in Hindi which are considered to be on the top. Look here brother,
  • Petroleum Ministry has issued a decree without KYC. You will not get any benefits. So
  • brother, Ministry of Petroleum, Ministry of Petroleum, Government of India i.e. Mod
  • government has issued this decree, strict order, strict order to you. Now I am KYC. I will
  • also show you step by step online. Now let me narrate it to you. I have taken it through
  • zoom but still we have shown it to you so that no brother says that I don’t know when
  • the cutting of newspaper took place. When is he taking it and when is he not taking it?

Free gas cylinder free gas subsidy ujjwala

That’s why today is 4th December, we have shown this, rest now you must have believed that those who will give will give trust and will do the work of giving based on facts. Brothers and sisters, if you can trust by closing your eyes, then friends, now we will tell you the complete news. We will show you the objection by doing it online step by step. Petroleum Ministry has issued a decree that you will not get benefits without KYC. Only those who get e-KYC done will get subsidy on LPG. So brother, it has been clearly said that who will get e-KYC done, friends, how much will be given under Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana. Yes Guruji, this cylinder is 903.

ujjwala yojana free gas cylinder apply online

There is a subsidy of Rs 300 going on in this i.e. you will pay only Rs 900 in the agency when you pick up the cylinder but Modi government works to give you back Rs 00 in your account. Okay brother, those who do not have connection with the Ujjwala scheme will get Rs 900. Only the same is charged and those who take it in private, take it in 00 rupees, they neither get any subsidy nor get anything, they do not get anything, brother, whatever is yours, it is necessary to get e-KYC done, friends, first let us tell you this completely. Gas consumers have to take subsidy, it is coming till now, if they want to take it in future too

Free gas cylinder free gas subsidy west bengal

It is necessary to get KYC done. Get e-KYC done from your mobile phone sitting at home in two minutes as I tell you or you can go to the gas agency and get your biometrics done. Do any of the two as per your wish. It is better that you watch our video. To get e-KYC done, see here or for them e-KYC or biometric, you see here brother bill, they have put this stick here, they have made it mandatory to get e-KYC or biometric authentication done, that is, it has been made mandatory in every situation. For biometric authentication, consumers will have to go to the gas agency office.

pm ujjwala yojana free gas

The process to be completed is called verification biometric i.e. either by using your finger or by using e-KYC. What does e-KYC mean? Know your customer means either verify yourself with OTP or by using your thumb. Go to the gas agency and verify anything. After the order of the Ministry of Petroleum Natural Gas, you can transfer the direct benefit to the LPG customer. All the consumers connected to DBTL will have to go to the gas agency office and get biometrics done, failing which the consumers will be fined in the coming days. subsidy

उज्ज्वला योजना ऑनलाइन रजिस्ट्रेशन 2023

You may have to be deprived of gas, in the same sequence you can see here on Sunday, a meeting of gas agency employees was held at Om Gas Service along with Municipal Improvement Board. In the meeting, gas agency operator Hansraj instructed the employees that they should check the KY of all the consumers. Make them aware about KYC so that the benefit of subsidy can be extended to them. Okay brother, it is true that those who have a connection are getting subsidy and those who are not getting it, those who have a connection in their name and those who have an LPG connection, it is okay whether they are getting subsidy or not. If you are coming then get it done brother, still you will keep coming.
It will not stop if you don’t get it done, it will stop. If you are not able to get it done then you will come. Those who are new, these are the strict orders for the new ones. Those who have filled the form for Pradhan Mantri Ujwala Yojana, they should go to the gas agency and get their biometrics done. Only then you will get a free cylinder, only then you will get a free cylinder. Brother, those who are new and have filled the new form, it is okay for them to go to the gas agency once and get the biometric done and that is necessary. Now step by step, I will show you the e-KY online within 2 minutes. I will show you how to do it at home myself.
You can definitely subscribe the channel, brother, this is an appeal with folded hands, this is a number which gives us more courage, courage, strength and inspiration. Friends, now we teach you to do KYC. You have to click on that cylinder on as soon as you click. Here you will get to see No on the cylinder, here you will get to see Book, Quick Book and Pay LPG, these are the different options which you will get to see here, here you will get the option of KYC, you have to click on it as soon as you click on KYC. Friends, click here to see three of them.

ujjwala yojana check status aadhar card

You will get it, if you want, you can login by registering with your mobile number. If you want, if you do not have a mobile number, then select your state, district, distributor and enter the consumer number here. Okay brother, now this is also not yours. If you don’t even have this, then brother, you will have a copy of LPG. From the copy, you will have to complete the process of doing KYC. Brother, if you have to fill your LPG ID number here, then brother, everyone has a copy. Everyone has your LPG ID. It is okay, it is not yours, it is okay brother, you did not give the mobile number at that time or is it yours?
Free Gas Cylinder yojana 2.0 Free Gas subsidy pm ujjwala yojana 2.0
Free Gas Cylinder yojana 2.0 Free Gas subsidy pm ujjwala yojana 2.0
Everyone also has a consumer number. If you do not have that, then LPG ID is written in it, which is your copy. So friends, enter the LPG ID here. After that, enter the blank code which is here, fill it here. Do this and click on submit, so friends, now we enter our name in it and click on submit and log in. You will click on submit. After clicking on submit, you have to give concern on Aadhaar verification, your Aadhaar number, after that you will get this Your text is visible, code is visible here, you have to fill this here and generate OTP.

But you have to click on it, now your OTP will be sent to the mobile number which is linked with your Aadhaar card. You have to fill your OTP here and click on submit. Aadhaar OTP verification KYC, this is what brother no. Your customer should verify it with Aadhar card. Friends, after that you have to give your new mobile number. Give the new number which you have. You can give that number. Once you have to give the mobile number here, you have to click on verify and OTP will be sent. You have to fill OTP again and click on submit.
This is the only step, it takes 1 minute, submit, you have your mobile number is also updated and your KYC is also done, then this is KYC, which we told you step by step.