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Kaisa Hai Yeh Rishta Anjana कैसा है ये रिश्ता अंजाना popular TV serial

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Kaisa Hai Yeh Rishta Anjana कैसा है ये रिश्ता अंजाना popular TV serial

Kaisa Hai Yeh Rishta Anjana कैसा है ये रिश्ता अंजाना popular TV serial The infarct is bad. Our family doctor has said that he cannot survive. Poor guy, can you help me with this Just for a little while and then the truth of Anmol will be in front of me [Music] It has become difficult
Hey O Safed Gadi, what is this, I should not feel that I am missing someone in the bar, that’s why I have to go to the house, so I will leave now, otherwise you will know that I am not, I am standing there, till the shock starts coming. Madam says no, don’t move, oh God, now we have to get out of here quickly otherwise our truth will be revealed to everyone, so I was saying that I was talking like this, otherwise I don’t know what I will do, I was saying.

 Kaisa Hai Yeh Rishta Anjana कैसा है ये रिश्ता अंजाना popular TV serial
Kaisa Hai Yeh Rishta Anjana कैसा है ये रिश्ता अंजाना popular TV serial

I am getting shocked, now it has already started, now I don’t know why [music] You will be as sweet as sugar syrup and you are spicy chilli, you smell like a flower, some color is pinkish red, you are sometimes angry, sometimes love, sometimes false, sometimes angry. Sometimes there is love, sometimes there is a dispute, the words are like mine, you are priceless, you are priceless, you just do it, I am feeling dizzy, what is that, I can’t control myself, you go, go, get out of this truth, I go, yes go, that I I can’t stand you anymore

You may or may not be able to bear the beating, but don’t kill in the bar. There are big loved ones who are waiting for us. Chitu madam ji, go after her and keep an eye on where she goes, who she meets, what she does. Go behind her, keep an eye on Peanut. Even if you have not been affected Anmol, but I will not accept so easily that you are not Anmol, however one thing is certain, if you are Anmol then you will definitely go to meet Rajat because you cannot stay away from him [Music] [Music]

We cannot at any cost show our face to Mridula’s man [Music] Yes madam ji Chintu ji, is that girl in front of our eyes or not madam ji, she was here just now but has just gone to the make-up room but has not come yet otherwise madam. Yes, I should go home, no way, don’t lose sight of the room where she has gone, I want to see whether she dances today or not [music]

[Music] Anmol [Music] Anmol Ya what happened, his whole face has turned red Anmol Bring water Anmol Water I will call the doctor Anmol Ya how did it happen Chintu ji, I found out something madam ji, I am looking but there is no special news. I thought it was okay. Keep following. If you see any old lady near him then tell me immediately. If she is precious then her mother will definitely go to meet her. Will her mother wait for a minute? Madla to her men.

She is giving instructions that we cannot go from the front and take the medicine, but it is necessary to give this medicine to Anmol, what should I do, elder grandmother, mother-in-law has hurt her leg, please wash the clothes, there is sandalwood on the gloves and gift. There was sandalwood on the card also, it means that these gloves belong to the same person who is behind all these incidents. Watch this episode at 8 pm. Hey, what has happened to Anmol, she is not able to speak, keep the courage [Music] ] Precious [Music] [Praise]

Ta Rajat Rajat son what is happening to you Rajat Rajat [Music] Anmol Just see what happened Nothing Ika Allergy to peanuts We brought its medicine [Music] [Music] You must have had a bad dream Anmol Okay


No, you have to be alright, for it felt good to see so much true love even at such a young age. G got hurt, we need to go to them, but how will you go in such a condition, the day will have to go without seeing you. [Music] No you. Both of you, will you help us? Yes, will you? Come on the video call, okay, look at this, look at the girl, come [music] Look, madam, yes, look at this, good. Now as long as she is in front, keep an eye on her. Hey madam, Chintu’s children, I want something.

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Don’t listen, I told you that if you want to keep an eye on it, then keep it. Stand quietly there [music] But exactly 20 days from today, you will have to fill vermilion in my mang. Keep an eye on it. Apart from the family members, no one should come near it, Anmol with you. I have played so much of the game that now I wonder what you would have done if you were in this situation. I know you would have definitely come to meet Rachat if you had behaved today.

Aayi toh it means that priceless [music] Rumal ke ban ban ke dije pana gin ke dhun baja ke mouth rumal ke ban bana ke DJ me na gin ke dha bach ke banal diya ye da pagli dance pagli dance pagli dance pagli dance bubli Koro Diya Dekha Pagli [Music] Dance Ya Midula Madam, Just like I too am seeing Anmol everywhere, I had gone out to find an Anmol. Teen Teen [Music] Anmol.

[Music] Rajat [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Yes, spoiled Nawab, we did not know that you would get so spoiled, see, you have made yourself happy [Music] Apna, now don’t worry. Well, we are here, we will reform our spoiled Nawab and make him as before.

See, we have brought this black thread for you, if you tie it then you will not face the evil eye of anyone, I have given you everything, you are the only burden on your love, I have no rights [Music] I have given you everything, You are my God for your love, but there is no one worthy of my heart, this world of the heart is so lonely, the moon is the witness, the stars are the witness, the moon is the witness, the stars are your witness.

The moon and the stars are witnesses of our seven promises of meeting. The moon and stars are the witnesses. Yes, I have come to give injection to Rajat ji. Please sign here. Yes, thank you madam. It is time to give the injection to Sir. Gaya [Music] It seems someone is coming [Music] Ri Daru I will not give my hand to anyone

To administer [music] Is this the expiry date of this injection? No no no no, we cannot allow Rajat ji to administer it. If we go in front, will he beat our drum in memory? [Music] What should I do Rajat ji, please get up yourself. Even if you sleep once again [Music] Anmol will go, some stormy thoughts will come soon [Music]

Give me who is this and who is hitting me [Music] Hey Nawab, how much sleep will you get up, don’t pinch me, how many injections will you and your doctor give, give me no injection, what has happened to me, madam, see if you are not taking the injection. How will you be fine if you don’t take the injection? Oh no, I don’t care [music] Come out with your spoon.