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article 370 movie review bollymoviereviewz

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article 370 movie review bollymoviereviewz

article 370 movie review bollymoviereviewz What are you talking about? I mean, you believe that PoK and Aksai Chin are not India’s sovereign, what are you talking about, entire Jammu and Kashmir has been and will remain India’s sovereign, we will give up our lives for that. Music] Welcome to Jaan Hi Ga Par Friends, I have just finished watching Article 370. If we talk about Article 370, then this film is very mocked and a lot of controversy has also been created regarding it, some people are saying this. It is believed that the film has been made to support a particular party, but to be very honest, I have not made any

Have not seen the film from the perspective of the particular party but yes have definitely seen it from the perspective of the National Sovereign. So first of all we know what Article 370 is. Of course everyone knows it but still I would like to tell that Article 370 was such an article in our society. Due to which Jammu and Kashmir, an Indian state, had got a special status in the Constitution, under which there was political instability there for a long time and the laws of India were not implemented there to many extent. There was a separate constitution there. Everything was there so there was plenty of time to abrogate it.

article 370 movie review bollymoviereviewz
article 370 movie review bollymoviereviewz

There was a demand but it was not happening but finally it was abrogated on 5th August 2019, so keeping this historical event in mind, this film has been made whose name is Article 370. Now when we talk about Article 370, then it is related to the Constitution. It is obvious that when there is an issue related to the Constitution, we do not know much about its technical keys or legalities. I myself did not know much about Article 370, but we used to listen. So definitely the name of Kashmir was mentioned a lot but this article

What was the name of this problem and why were so many problems being created because of it, this film has shown it in a very in depth and detailed manner, that is, in this film you are watching the story and you are also watching the main characters but at the same time Along with this, all the technicalities, legalities and secrecy related to the abbreviation of Article 370 have been shown to you in a proper manner. Apart from that, in this story, you are also shown the process of how it is abrogated. Apart from Protocols Political Pressure Political Goodwill Secret

There are operations, there is media interference or terrorism funding or radicalization or execution of terrorists, all these things are shown in this film, things are going on with a story line and you also get all these topics included. If it is being shown to you, then I liked this thing very much, that is, in a way, I will tell you that you are reading a secret document or a book or a confidential report of the country and how can you read that report in a simplistic way. In and in an engaging way, it should be told in that manner

Since this film has been shown, I have liked this thing very much. I am personally, let me tell you whether it is geo politics or current affairs or national politics or what is the current situation in the country. How is the situation, I have a lot of interest in it. If you fall in that category, then let me tell you that this film is a must watch for you. You will like this film very much, it will engage you. Article 370 is like the title of the film. Some people are also giving their own judgments before watching this film.

They are saying that this film has been made to promote a political party, some people have a different opinion, some people are watching it from the perspective of the film, but let me tell you, keeping the political perspective aside, if you Keeping the national interest in mind, if you watch this film from a national perspective, then you will like it very much and you should watch it accordingly. Why am I saying this because this topic is related to every common citizen? Due to Article 370, special status was given to the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

But because of the corrupt leaders there, there was political instability, national security was at stake, due to which most of the budget of our country was spent, due to which the development around us was hampered. That money should have been spent there, but it was not being done and it was affecting our budget and also our pockets, hence this is an issue related to every common citizen and it is in the interest of every common citizen. If it is a film, then this film should be seen from a national perspective only, how the terrorists there

Or are they the separatists, how are they propagating, on what basis are they trying to instigate the youth there, where is the money coming from, these are the things that this film is about in the first half, if I talk about it and This film is on how all this is solved in the second half and there are two main characters shown in this film, one is Priya Mani who is an advisor to the Ministry of Home Affairs and on the other side is Yami Gautam who is a commando. Or it is official, it is okay, it works in the government and also does a lot of operations, so it is the main one.

There are characters and both are female lead characters and I must tell you that both these actresses have done a very good job and especially when the Parliament scene comes, it is worth watching and people watch that scene with great interest. We are also seeing that what happens now is that if our political leaders in real life are portrayed in films, then somewhere or the other we do not like them or we are unable to connect with them, but here you You will see Arun Govil’s character and Kiran Karmaker’s character in Prime Minister and Home.

Minister, these are the characters, they are seen in it with the right tone. Now, if the character of Prime Minister Modi is to be portrayed in the film, then how does he talk, what is his voice tone, try to show it accordingly. But here the artistes who have portrayed these characters, their voice, their voice tone, have been shown in the same way in the film and we find it quite decent in seeing those things. Apart from this, there are gun battles or hand to hand combat or bomb blast scenes in the film.

The scenes shown have been shortened very well. If you have seen Uri The Surgical Strike, then to some extent you will see the same gun battle scenes there, which are our commandos. You will like all the scenes of our security forces and how they deal with terrorists, so overall I would say that this film is a well made film and if there is any good film related to the abrogation of Article 370. If it could have been made, it could not have been a better film than this, so overall I liked this film very much.

I liked it very much and if you are planning to watch this film then you can definitely go to watch this film. If we talk about star rating then I would like to give this film four out of five stars. So this is My opinion about the film: If you are going to watch this film, then what is your opinion and after watching the film, do write on our comment section and do share this video with your friends and do subscribe to our channel and friends. Keep watching your own channel Filmi Viewer This is Ravi Gupta


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