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Home » Nath Krishna Aur Gauri Ki Kahani | नाथ कृष्ण और गौरी की कहानी | popular TV serial

Nath Krishna Aur Gauri Ki Kahani | नाथ कृष्ण और गौरी की कहानी | popular TV serial

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Nath Krishna Aur Gauri Ki Kahani | नाथ कृष्ण और गौरी की कहानी | popular TV serial

Nath Krishna Aur Gauri Ki Kahani | नाथ कृष्ण और गौरी की कहानी | popular TV serial
Nath Krishna Aur Gauri Ki Kahani | नाथ कृष्ण और गौरी की कहानी | popular TV serial

Download now to watch full episodes of your favorite shows Dangal Play [Music] Pa Gauri Ki [Music] Kahaani Nika Hum Ya [Music] Se Ye Phone Chalu Ho [Music] Gaya Ya Hum Ready Hai Apna Pati Bej Kar Ghar Se Jaane We are ready for victory, the sound of this phone is not able to reach victory, we have to do whatever we can to win this video.

Now we will have to show you how and what to do, yes, we are ready to leave my husband, we are ready to leave the house [music] This is your voice, Gopal, where is this voice coming from, what happened, where am I looking here and there, why don’t I leave the marriage? Na, your attention is everywhere, fill it, fill it, our mother’s demand fill it, fill it [music] Na stop, this sound is coming from somewhere.

Nath Krishna Aur Gauri Ki Kahani


You are mine, my friend, they are my friends, come, my friend, come, my friend, how come you are here, Krishna, you were in the hospital, then how your love has kept us alive, and whatever happened, we will tell you about it later, but Before that we want to show you something [Music] This

Look, yes, we are ready to send my husband, or we are ready to leave the house [Music] A [Music] Ya

Yes, we have come to help you. We can see the way to save the family. Yes, we have given the injured one, now we will save our family. Watch this episode at 9 pm, what are you doing Bhauji uncle? Yes grandma, wake up, come to your senses.

People, what are you doing? Leave it, I don’t understand, what game is going on, I don’t understand, I would have explained it now, I would have made it easier for you [Music] [Music] Hold on, don’t leave.

) Tujhe jeet sahandle se [Music] Roko Gopala Look Raghuvendra, we had said that Gopala can never go astray, Look how Ajju has tied us, he wants to kill us, you, free us [Music] Okay, how dare you, us? To look like this with the family [Music] Tell me to panic, you have come, mother, father, don’t panic, we have come to you, Gopal, don’t panic, you don’t panic [laughter]

Why is Gopala laughing? Save us, our dear innocent grandmother. Till now you have understood this wonderful arrangement for you people. Your lovely daughter-in-law Gopala Rani has made it. Have you understood that the country is crying Gopala, leave Gopala once. See us again. What fate do we do to you, you are a prisoner, now the fate will be ours, you are not doing well, leave me, no, we

You have won, I am surprised to see the new look of our friend, my voice is stuck in my throat [Music] Ka [Music] T [Music] Krishna, we both love each other very much

Maybe you think we are unfaithful. If you don’t ask the reason for this indifference, then let’s start from the beginning. When we met you for the first time, we were not fools. Yes, we were not there. We used to laugh. You were my sister, I lived my whole life like a Bollywood heroine, but because of you, I have become a hero in our story. When I met you for the first time, my heart used to beat loudly, my love became the victory of you.

We were even ready to sacrifice our lives for this, Jiri Sa. At that time also we had asked you that yes, you will be able to play this part, you had said yes, but just like Krishna, it did not take you two seconds to leave us and go to him, now at the door. We remained standing in front, we remained standing after that, took care of us and took care of you, whatever your mind was, it was divided in two places, sometimes Krishna, sometimes Gopala, sometimes Krishna, sometimes Gopala. A wife can never share her husband with another woman. You also know that we have explained to the heart, we have explained a lot that sometimes

Someday, our long-lost bearer will understand us, just as the sakal waali Kopala will understand us, he will understand that we are tired of thinking, we are tired [music] [music] [praise] [music] after seeing you with Krishna every day, we are bleeding every day. Drink the tears and this heart has become a volcano and now this flame will burn you to ashes Gopala, you are misunderstanding me, it was not our fault, you too must have understood that perhaps the mistake was made.

With us, we told you all the truth, we did not hide anything from you, and this is also true that we are not with you, but with the Krishna’s heart inside you [music] Pyaarwal has mercy on both of us, we did not step back from our love. By fulfilling the responsibility, I always gave you the status of a wife. I stood by you all the time. Is it our fault? We all accepted that Krishna is not in this world but she was alive. If she came back, what should we do? She is my wife, she is ours. Where is it coming from? It seems as if someone has come from outside.

Despite that, we did not leave you, I don’t know why every time we are brought to the dock, we try to do everything right but you are unable to do anything right, please understand us Gopala, leave your enmity with your family members. Whatever you do with us, please leave them. Your love has gone to the burden and this wisdom has gone to the heart and mind. This is getting very, very bad. It feels like a fire is increasing outside. What should we do if no one has given us If you save us, everything will burn and save us. Take us out of this world. Now you are the other side of the news.

You will see, we will talk to you, we will not take everything from you, your property Krishna, everything [Music] Something happened, the voice really got stuck in the throat, what should I say, what should I say, tell me, I had trusted you, you have not left us anything worth saying, you We ignored even Krishna for you, she kept whispering that Kopala is not right for us, but we, burdened with our responsibilities, went on fulfilling the duty of husbands and kept trusting you. We have made a big mistake. You have made a mistake

Yes, a mistake has been made, you have made a big mistake, now only you will compensate for this mistake, then the whole family will get its punishment, Gopala’s Gopala, help me, help us, we will have to do anything to get out of here. Gone are the things, let’s talk about our issues, are you educated, aren’t you? [Music] [Music] Here are the papers, now sign it quietly and transfer everything to us, tell me something I never thought of you

We will see this form of yours, this is what we signed, so when we don’t have anything, then why should we sign? This property you are seeing is the blessing of our ancestors, the hard-earned money of our parents. This is the thing our grandmother has done and you say that we do everything in your name, absolutely no, absolutely not, we will not give up our lives to chase you for a moment, but we will not sign this, we will not do it, absolutely not [laughter] He is refusing, he is refusing. Just think, Jeet Narayan, if you don’t sign this paper, then your family will

It will be very heavy. Show us some way, help us, save us. [Music] We came to know from [Music] that it can be very heavy, that is why [Music] were saying, quietly sign this paper, then you and your family can go anywhere like free birds. Even if flying away takes our lives, we will not sign, and if you are thinking that your last hope, Krishna will save you [Music]

So Krishna is saying one thing, Gopala is going to turn into ashes.