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Hi Nanna Movie 2024 Onilne HD

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Hi Nanna Movie 2024 Onilne HD

Hi Nanna Movie 2024 Onilne HD  Welcome Friends, once again welcome all of you to Craze Fur Movies and today we are going to talk about the Natural Star Nani Maral Thakur and Shruti Haasan star Telugu film i.e. Hi Nana released in theaters this week. The film with a run time of one hour, Hi Nana is a romantic drama film which has been released this week in Telugu as well as in Hindi language in some very selected theaters across India. According to me, there would be hardly 10 to 15 theaters across India where the Hindi version of this film has been

Hi Nanna Movie Review
Hi Nanna Movie Review

given shows. So, I have seen the Hindi dubbed version of the film and let me tell you that maybe after 10 to 11 years, I will be watching it in some theater. Today I sat to watch a movie in a single screen theatre, that is, after school time, today I went and sat to watch a movie in a proper single screen theater where there is a whole building inside which a movie is being played on a single screen. The same movie will run from morning till evening, so after a long time I sat down to watch a movie in such a theater and if I talk about my experience of watching the movie, the
best thing that happened here was that what they have shown here. No interval was given, meaning the interval came and the movie started immediately. No interval break was seen, so whatever was wasted, whatever is there for me, that is for the last four-five years, was saved here. This might be the first time in the last 6 years that today I have sat down to watch Nani’s film in Hindi instead of watching it in Telugu, that is, ever since I started this channel, I remember watching Nani’s film as much as I have. Movies have also come, be it on OTT

or in theatre, I have seen them in Telugu only and to tell you the truth, during this time I have become a big fan of Nani’s dialogue delivery in Nani’s voice and there are some actors whose I am a big fan of their voice and dialogue delivery, be it Nani Jr. NTR, Thalapathy Vijay, there are many such actors for whose voice and dialogue delivery I often go to watch the films in the original language and the films of such actors in Hindi. It was a little difficult for me to watch it. I had to prepare my mind in advance that whatever it
is, removing that thing from my mind and removing that voice from my mind, today when I sat down to watch this film, whatever experience I got. I will share that of the Hindi version but before that let’s talk about this film, the film ‘Hi Nana’ or say ‘Hi Papa’ proves to be a very sweet and very emotional film for me. It gives a lot of opportunities to laugh and smile within the run time of 35 minutes. A few days ago, the trailer of the movie Job was released, so after watching the trailer, I had said that it is very sweet and very simple.

) The trailer which has been released by the makers but after watching the film, I would like to say that it is the most smartly edited trailer of 203, that is, the trailer which was edited according to a romantic drama film, is very amazing. Which I realized after watching the film because because of that trailer cut, I would like to tell you that the twist that comes at the interval in the film creates an impact in a very solid way and with that twist. The way a director creates a base and a setup for a drama, right?

It was amazing and after creating that setup, the writing that we see in the second half justifies the setup completely and by the time the climax comes, it makes us cry a lot. All the upcoming characters and the dialogues spoken by them have been written here in a very mature way. The way in which the true values ​​of love and responsibility have been explained in the film, the way in which they are defined, let us watch some scenes. Some of the dialogues we get to hear will truly win your heart.

) Even though the film appears to be a very emotional drama on the surface, but if you look at the base line, an attempt is made to give some statement on human psychology through a character in the film. Where an attempt is made to say that the human being is like a blank paper, the chapters that life writes on it are the chapters that go ahead and decide that character’s perspective of seeing the world, how he reacts to the situations. How he deals with others, how he looks at situations, there is something behind everything.

There are reasons and if life does not create those reasons, if those reasons do not exist then perhaps it is possible that the person’s perspective of seeing things may also change in the future and the way the film tells this thing. It presents some very important lessons of life in front of us. It was really amazing and as I said, the characters are written very well here and if I talk about it, then the character of Nani and Malaal Thakur. Apart from these, if you like the character of the girl we see in this film,

If you watch it, your heart will be truly happy, that is, the way the character has been presented in a very sensitive manner, her emotions, her innocence, despite everything being kept in front, by the time the climax happens, the girl whom The way she tries to understand the situation was really amazing, rest see whatever happens in the second half of the film, I can’t talk much about it because it might turn into a major spoiler. So the less I say the better, all I can say is that the film is an engaging screen play.

) The drama is very good, it works very well, the way the director has added small twists in the middle of this emotional drama, I would say that it looks very good and convincing to a great extent. Look, I would not like to say much about the performances here because I have seen the dubbed version of the film and I personally believe that whenever we watch the dubbed version of a film, the performance of an actor is the same. Otherwise, whatever is there on 340 gets reduced because many times the dialogue

There is a performance that comes out in the delivery, it gets lost or gets reduced somewhere in the dubbing, but still if we talk about the voice of the voice artist or the dubbing of everything, then for Nani, who The voice selected here, I would say was good to a great extent, it justifies the character, keeping in mind the seriousness within the character and the responsibility within the character, the voice that is there judges the character of Nani to a great extent. Just before the climax in the entire film, there is a scene in Goa where Nani Jo is