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Vivo V30 and V30 Pro Colors Price Indian Launch

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Vivo V30 and V30 Pro Colors Price Indian Launch

Vivo V30 and V30 Pro Colors Price Indian Launch Hi Guy, even before its launch in India, many of its specifications have been leaked which are going to be told to you in this video. Along with this, its price has also been revealed and even its India launch date is also here. It has been confirmed, so first of all, it is going to be the same smartphone which is available in other foreign countries. Vivo 1811 and Vivo 90 are the two smartphones coming. Specially today we are going to talk about Vivo 90 Pro 2 Pro 3. We have seen upgrades this time, so let’s watch the video. If you like it, please give it a like, first of all its look and feel.

Talking about the design, first of all you have already seen its look and design, here I will tell you a little point to point, its back panel is quite shiny, that is, clean plane like, very smooth type and very slim. This phone is also very slippery and in size, it is very strong in hand feeling. There is also Gorilla Glass protection in the back and this phone comes with curved edges. Here you will get a smartphone of 185 grams. In Vivo90 Pro4, you will get back. Ara light can also be seen in the camera which you can change its color by going to the settings of its camera.

  • Can manage or Ra light has literally become quite big this time but it also looks quite unique and
  • this Ra light is going to be useful in night images like if someone is clicking photos in low light i.e. at
  • night time then there But it makes the photo much brighter, it is quite cool, this time the light is
  • going to be used and this phone is the slimmest smartphone with 5000 AA battery, so no doubt it is
  • quite cool, so you will not find any complaint in the build quality. So friends, I liked the build
  • quality a lot. Friends, let’s talk about its camera.

You will be able to see here that the camera of triple setup has been given, which is the main camera is going to be of 64 megapixels. is known only for the camera, so no doubt the camera has been given very cool. Now friends, we have talked about the design. I talked about the camera as well, a very good camera setup has been given, now has the processor also been given great, then yes, the processor has also been given very good because this time Mitec Damti 8200 has been given, which is 4. It is on nanometer and its benchmark score touches up to 1 million, above 95 lakh only means

Vivo V30 and V30 Pro Colors Price Indian Launch

If the minimum comes to 1 million, then from this you can understand that the processor has got a very cool and dangerous level this time. You will be able to play gaming in extreme settings without lagging and without hitting issue. Here LPDDR 5x RAM and ef2 key. Storage support has been seen, so here you will get to see very good gaming also. The phone is going to be very good for day to day users, but in gaming too, you will be able to play it on extreme settings, on buzz etc. and here in the processor Also friends, no flaw has been removed, you can see but the display here

There is no shortage in Vivo 90 Pro 4 as well. Very good specifications have been given in the
display which is that this phone will come with curve edges from both sides from front to back and
the display is going to be 3D Curve M display of 6.7 8 inches. You will get to see a curved AMOLED
display with a resolution of 1.5, yes, there will be 1 billion plus colors, there will be HD1 P as well,
the colors and sharpness are going to be very cool this time, the higher screen resolution is 120 Hz,
the refresh rate is 217 Hz. Another interesting thing is that in this smartphone you get a brightness
of up to 2800 nits.

If you get max brightness then the phone becomes very bright even in outdoor. Very good specifications are packed in the display also. This phone is going to be very beautiful and very cool in the display and in the front itself there is a 50 megapixel selfie in the center punch. If a camera is also available, then friends, it is worth praising the camera. This time we have seen a very next level camera setup, so the optimization is also going to be very cool. This time, a very cool camera is going to be available in Vivo90 Pro4. If you are buying a phone for camera in this price then this

It is going to be the best best best camera smartphone, so friends, I am going to tell the price also, before that let us talk about its launch date, so like I told you in the camera, you can record video up to 4k with the main camera and this phone has a price of Rs. 5000. If you get AA battery then there is a 4 nano meter processor here so the battery amz is also given quite good, the battery here is also quite good, it is of 5000 AA and 100 watt super fast charger will be given in the box, so this is a very good thing. And friends, this phone will come on android1, here on your Funj O 14 there will be major OS update for 3 years.

Security update up to 4 years will be given and here friends, let’s talk about other features of this phone, no 3.5 A jack will be given here, even no dual stereo speaker will be given here, the price is going to be so high. Only a single speaker has been given here, so friends, this phone will be launched in India with all the features and specifications. Now let’s talk about its launch date and price. So first of all see the launch of this phone. First of all, this phone should be confirmed. It has been said that this phone will be available till the end of this month of February, after 22nd.

It can be seen till the end of this February i.e. around 25th or 26th and talking about the pricing of this phone, first of all the pricing of this phone has also been confirmed and the pricing of this phone is not with the offers. There is every chance of getting this phone at a price of less than Rs. 0000 and without offers you are going to get this phone for ₹ or ₹ 3000. With offers you are going to get this phone for under Rs. 40000. So friends, this is what the leaks are saying, according to I have told you, thanks for watching, see you in the next video, what do you think about this phone?

Do let us know in the comments. How much do you think its pricing could be? Do let us know in the comments. Thanks for watching. Thank you with some topic.