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Crakk Movie Review in Hindi – bsmaurya

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Crakk Movie Review in Hindi – bsmaurya

Today, in the era of action movies, every film maker is trying to bring something new in it. The level of action in films has increased but can today’s audience be satisfied only on the basis of action or do you also think that action movie fans If he gets explosive action then he can also compromise with other departments of the film. The film we are going to discuss today is a pure action movie but how close this film comes to the best in terms of script and screenplay direction. Today’s discussion will be about the name of the film

Crakk Movie Review in Hindi - bsmaurya
Crakk Movie Review in Hindi – bsmaurya

The trailer of the film Krack Krack was sure that Vidyut Jammwal can once again be seen with some great action stunts and now that the film has been released, it can be discussed in detail in the story of Mumbai. It is about two brothers living in a slum area who were preparing themselves for a special sport. The elder brother gets selected for this international illegal sport and is accidentally killed in the final round, despite this the younger brother i.e. Siddharth Dixit i.e. Vidyut. Jamwal also wants to earn name, money and fame through this game.

He gets selected but in the meantime, he comes across a truth about his brother which he had never imagined. After some ups and downs, he participates in the finals and the tagline of this final game was ‘Whoever wins will live.’ That is, this game becomes a game between life and death. The first half of the film is impressive. Recently, some stunts performed by children in the local trains of Mumbai had gone viral on social media. The film begins with the same which takes Siddharth Dixit to Europe. This entire game is taken to the field, which is called the field, that is, the place where

This is a game and its director is Arjun Rampal i.e. Dev. If we talk about the screen play of the film, then the screen play of the first half is good. The film does not spend much time on flashbacks, through songs or small scenes in between, Vidyut’s brother. At the same time, the filmmakers work to take the story forward by including Arjun Rampal’s past in some dialogues, hence there is no stagnation in the story, which is not even needed in an action film. It may be based on theme but the importance of the script or story remains.

Of course, a little more work should have been done on the writing. There is a demand for more twists and turns. Anyway, those who come to watch the film after watching the trailer will definitely get what they need i.e. action and the plus point of this film is action only. Which does not disappoint, be it the initial train stunts or the actions done in Death Game, it all feels like a heavy dose to entertain. Today even a common viewer understands the difference between fake and real action i.e. what VFX has been shown and where in the film. It is difficult to tell whether it is real action but it is definitely true that it looks believable.

And if the director makes the audience believe that what he is showing is real then there can be no bigger victory for him than this. If we talk about acting then Vidyut Jammwal’s work is fine and if we talk about action then every action movie of his is excellent. Something new is definitely seen in it and this is also his USP. Similarly, even if he does not come sixth in the top 10 martial artists of the world, the work for which he is known in films, he is impressing Arjun Ram. Once again he has been seen as a villain. Before this he was also in a negative role in Dhaakad but this time he

He has looked better than before. Ignoring the scene where he walks on a wire, the rest of his action scenes also look amazing. Even the dialogues in his heavy voice are also good. Apart from this, Noora Fatehi and Amy Jackson were seen working as a bridge in supporting roles. Noora Fatehi is looking hot and is as usual in acting. Vijay Anand is also seen in a negative shade in the film. Vijay Anand, who once became famous with the song Jab Khirdi Khole early in the morning, has made a good comeback in films. In the second innings, he People are doing meaningful roles. If we talk about the music part of the film, then take care.

Like some of the songs are pleasant to listen to, BGM is powerful and supports the scenes. As I said, if a little more work was done on the scripting, this could have been a better film. Still action movie lovers will like this film. Have 3.25 stars from me. a nice day