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Zhao Hui is Heartbroken by Su Jianren’s Death | EP32

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Zhao Hui is Heartbroken by Su Jianren’s Death | EP32:- Change your clothes. You’re all wet. Change the clean clothes. I shouldn’t have asked him to come to my office. If he hadn’t come to my office, the accident wouldn’t have happened. I shouldn’t have…
I shouldn’t have… let him come to my office. Tell me, Is Su Jianren’s death related to you? Were you involved in his car accident? I want you to tell me the truth. If you can’t, I’d rather you not say anything at all. I didn’t kill him, but he died because of me. The police came to me.
I told the police Su Jianren loved gambling and the stakes were high. Did Wu Xianlong tell you to say that? No. No one told me that. I was telling the truth. I also said… I also said his favorite team to bet on. Gambling, debts, running away, and being hunted. Doesn’t this all make sense? No. It doesn’t make sense.
Su Jianren shouldn’t have died. He… I… It’s my fault. It’s… It’s all my fault. It’s my fault. This, this is also my fault. I’m more at fault. No. I’m sorry. It’s my fault. I caused Su’s death. No matter what, it shouldn’t have been like this. We had a good chat in the office.
When… When he left, he even took Rui’s painting with him. He said he was going to recommend it. I saw it… I saw it with my own eyes… Zhao Hui. I don’t know… Zhao Hui. Even if… Even if Su Jianren’s death is related to you, I’m an accomplice too. I told you. I’ve never been someone like Li Ying.
I’m not a dream girl. Maybe only when I make mistakes can I get closer to you. I can do anything for you. ♫We’re made of mud♫ Even if… Even if Su Jianren didn’t die because of gambling, ♫The flood ruined our features♫ I would still tell the police that, you know? Because I love you. ♫Is it light or dirt under your skin♫ I don’t want to see you like this.
♫It’s all just like a cloud of dust♫ It shouldn’t be like this. You shouldn’t be like this, you know? ♫Existence is a long vanity♫ Zhao Hui. Do you know how much I missed you? ♫And rocks melt in the fire♫ ♫Can’t tell the culprits of desire♫ How much I want to see you happy? ♫I don’t know if it’s my dark side pushing me♫ Do you know how much I like you? ♫It’s the dark river, the white moon♫ ♫Fate depends on choice♫ ♫The rule of the universe♫ ♫Is not to get bogged down♫ [Shanghai Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Brigade]
Captain Feng, is there any new progress? Well, I called you here to cooperate with the investigation. Don’t be nervous. Okay? Jiayuan. In the past year, had your father ever borrowed money from you or borrowed money from your relatives? Borrowing money? Here’s the thing. Your father’s bank account is almost empty.
  • His credit cards have also been suspended due to severe overdue payments. In the past year, he had sent over
  • six million overseas in installments. Captain Feng, are you saying that he owes gambling debts outside? Do you
  • know that he gambled? Yes, I know. He… He used to… He used to always went to Macau. But he hadn’t gone in
  • the past two years.
So we all thought he had quit. Yes. He got addicted to online gambling instead. Let me play you a conversation. I’ve already paid back so much. I really can’t raise any more money now. I’m just putting up a front. Actually, both of my properties are under my son’s name. I can’t sell them now.
I don’t care. You have ten days. If you’re not afraid of you or your family being hit by a car when you go out, then don’t pay back. This is a conversation found in your father’s phone. Normally, loan sharks force debtors to repay their debts. They wouldn’t actually kill someone. Whether this car accident is an accident or a murder, we will continue to investigate.
About… About his conflict at work I mentioned to you… Right. We investigated Zhao Hui’s movements recently, and basically cleared his suspicion. Thank you, Captain Feng. Um, Captain Feng. Excuse… Excuse me, I have one more question. When… When will it be convenient for my father to be buried and rest in peace? Calm down.
Listen. Whether the body is preserved or not, I don’t think it will affect the follow-up investigation and handling of the case. You can do it anytime. Then I’ll arrange it. Thank you, Captain Feng. Thank you. I’m not going to Su Jianren’s funeral. Bring a bouquet of flowers for me. Okay. [Rest in Peace] Do you need someone to give a talk?
Okay, I understand. President Zhao, please give a talk. It’s inappropriate for me to do it. How about asking Mr. Miao or Ms. Ouyang? She’s our teacher. President Zhao is the highest-ranking person here and he’s also Su’s former leader and good friend. President Zhao should do it. Zhao Hui. You should do it.
Okay. Okay, thank you. Thank you all for coming to attend the farewell ceremony of Mr. Su Jianren. Now, I announce that the ceremony officially begins. Next, please allow Mr. Zhao Hui, the branch president of Shenmao Bank, to give a speech. Dear relatives, friends,

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and distinguished guests. Today, we are here to bid farewell to our beloved friend and family member, Mr. Su Jianren. I was classmates with Su in college. I will never forget the first time I saw him. He was wearing checkered pants, sitting on the upper bunk, swinging his legs back and forth, smiling and inviting classmates to eat snails.