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Reblooming Blue Chinese Drama 2024 watch online Download

Reblooming Blue Chinese Drama 2024 watch online Download
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Reblooming Blue Chinese Drama 2024 watch online Download

Reblooming Blue Chinese Drama 2024 watch online Download :- Hi guys! Marcus here, and welcome to  Chinese Entertainment Update May 2, 2024. I release episodes every Tuesday, Thursday and  Sunday between 7 and 10pm pacific time. This   is episode 828 and the rundown with time  stamps is in the description box below. Because I use Chinese names quite a bit on my  show, if you want the English spelling of them,   you can turn on subtitles, I create them myself.

Reblooming blue chinese drama release date

In today’s episode, A Dream Within A Dream  announces Li Yitong and Liu Yuning as their leads, Fu Shan Hai announces Cheng Yi as their lead, Leo Wu and Lu Han attend a preview screening  of The Last Frenzy as audience members, and Bai Lu and Joseph Zeng are photographed  filming a scene for their latest drama;   Bai Lu can’t stop laughing  for a couple of the takes.

We usually begin with what’s recently premiered  but nothing to report for today and yesterday   so we begin with dramas that recently  confirmed their premiere dates. Men in Love 请和这样的我恋爱吧 is a modern drama  starring Hu Yitian and Liang Jie. Earlier today,   they confirmed a May 3 premiere, that’s tomorrow.

The drama passed review in March last year, so it  took a while since then before they got to air. Hu Yitian is just coming off the costume  drama, Blossoms in Adversity. In Men In Love,   he plays a magazine’s disciplined and diligent  editor-in-chief who is constantly helping a cute but clumsy PE teacher (Liang  Jie) out of her embarrassing problems.

Liang Jie hasn’t had a drama of hers air  since 2022’s Hi Venus with Joseph Zeng. Eventually, after resolving one embarrassing  crisis after another, an obstacle-filled   romance blossoms. Men in Love is slated  for 40 episodes and will stream on iQIYI. Regeneration 新生 is an upcoming  modern suspense drama starring   Jing Boran and Zhou Yiran. A few days  ago, they confirmed a May 6 premiere.

Jing Boran last starred in Road  Home with Seven Tan. Before that,   he headlined in A League of Nobleman with  Song Weilong. Both dramas came out last year. Zhou Yiran’s last lead role was in  Our Ordinary Days, also a 2023 drama. According to Baidu, in Regeneration, Zhou Yiran is   a journalist who is invited to a memorial  service for Fei Ke, played by Jing Boran.

Also present at the memorial  are five other strangers who   discover that the Fei Ke each of them  knew was different from the others. They all start retracing their  memories to figure out who exactly   Fei Ke was. Regeneration is slated for  10 episodes and will stream on Youku. Also confirmed for a May 6 premiere   is What If 生活在别处的我, the modern drama  starring Elaine Zhong and Liu Xueyi.

Here are the premiere date confirmation  posters the drama shared yesterday. On   the far right is Lin Yushen  who is a special guest star. In What If, Elaine Zhong is a  girl faced with two choices;   the excitement and challenges of the big city,  or the stability and mundanity of a small town. The drama is presented in parallel  time, and follows two storylines,   showing the different outcomes  of the two paths she takes.

What If is based on the 2016  Taiwanese drama, Life Plan A and B,   which is available on Netflix. What If is slated  for 24 episodes and will stream on Tencent. Lastly, for dramas that recently confirmed  their premiere dates, Reblooming Blue. Reblooming Blue 另一种蓝 is a modern  romance drama starring Victoria   Song and Vic Chou. A few days ago,  they announced a May 8 premiere.

According to Douban, in Reblooming Blue, Victoria  Song is a girl who works hard in the big city but   returns to her hometown due to unemployment.    Vic Chou is her ex-boss who also encounters  setbacks. To turn things around, he goes to   her hometown in search of an investment  legend who lives there in seclusion.

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The two character’s fates intertwine as they  meet again while delving into the porcelain   business. Reblooming Blue is slated for  36 episodes and will stream on MGTV. That’s it for dramas that are confirmed to  premiere soon. On the topic of imminently   premiering dramas, Tencent  shared an update yesterday.

They shared a list of their major dramas  in May. These are dramas that will either   premiere in May or have already premiered  previously and will air right into May. At the very top of the list is Joy of Life  S2 庆余年2. As I mentioned in my last video,   the costume drama is heavily-rumored for May 16.

Next on the poster are Will  Love in Spring 春色寄情人 and   Young Babylon 少年巴比伦; both of  which are currently streaming, Lady Revenger Returns from the Fire 披荆斩棘的大小姐 and   Amusing Club of Wanchun 万春逗笑社 which  are currently streaming as well. After that, there’s a list of eight dramas  that are coming soon: My Wife’s Double   Life 柳叶摘星辰, What If 生活在别处的我 (which I  just mentioned is confirmed for May 6), The Journey to Find True Love 和搞笑的我谈恋爱,   and Men In Love 请和这样的我恋爱吧 (which I  just mentioned is confirmed for May 3).

Then there’s 多大点事儿 (which translates  to Big Deal in sarcastic way),   Heroes 天行健, 此刻无声 (which translates to Silent  At the Moment), and Zombie Brother 我叫白小飞. I will update on all these dramas if and  when they announce their premiere dates. Next up for drama updates, announcements  and bootings.

I have two for you guys today,   beginning with A Dream Within A Dream. A Dream Within a Dream 书卷一梦 is an  upcoming costume drama. On April 30,   they announced their first leads  of Li Yitong and Liu Yuning. The second leads are Bambi Zhu and Riley Wang,  while Wang Youshuo puts is a special appearance. Li Yitong last starred in the espionage  drama Spy Game which came out last year.

Liu Yuning last starred the costume drama Eternal   Brotherhood. Before that he starred  in A Journey to Love with Cecilia Liu. According to Baidu, in ADWAD,   Li Yitong is a girl who is transported  into a book and becomes the heroine. No matter how hard she tries to run away from  the book’s hero (played by Liu Yuning), the   plot will keep pushing her back to him, and they  will go through one famous scene after another.

Reblooming Blue Chinese Drama 2024 watch online Download
Reblooming Blue Chinese Drama 2024 watch online Download

The drama is slated for 38  episodes and will stream on iQIYI. Also announcing their cast  recently was Fu Shan Hai. On April 30, Fu Shan Hai 赴山海, literally  translated as Going to the Mountains and Seas,   shared this poster on the left, and  announced Cheng Yi as their lead actor. They didn’t share much else.

One of the rumored  cast members is Aero Xiao who starred with Cheng   Yi in Mysterious Lotus Casebook, but as  of today, that is yet to be official. Cheng Yi last starred in South Wind Knows  with Zhang Yuxi. He’s also been a topic of   discussion recently as he’s been filming Sword and  Beloved, the third installment in the FSM series. He wrapped filming that earlier  today.

Here he is waving to the   throngs of screaming fans who were  barricaded to the side of the street. According to Baidu, in FSH, Cheng  Yi plays Xiao Qiushui, a young and   impulsive swordsman with low martial arts skills, who eventually grows into a  compassionate and righteous   hero who protects his family and country. The drama is slated for 40 episodes; both  Tencent and iQIYI are involved in production.

That’s it for drama updates. Before we get  to celebrity updates, just to say that this   show wouldn’t be possible without you guys  tuning in so I thank you all for your support. If you enjoy the content, do like and subscribe   and don’t forget to click that  bell button for notifications.

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All right, celebrity updates now, and  today we begin with Leo Wu and Lu Han. The Last Frenzy 末路狂花钱 held a preview screening  on April 30. At the end of the movie’s screening,   the director and cast went  on stage for some Q and A. It was then that Leo Wu stood up and  congratulated the director and cast.

“I’m very happy,” the 24-year-old  actor revealed. “Happy that having   just arrived back in Bejing, I get to  see such a cheerful and happy movie. One with funny bits, sad bits and  inspiring bits. I laughed until my   stomach hurt! The movie is not routine at  all, and it makes people think deeply.

” Leo wasn’t the only celebrity in  the audience; Lu Han was as well. The 34-year-old singer actor was asked what  he thought about the movie, and he responded,   among other things, “When the dialogue began,   I immediately felt like I’d  returned to the Northeast. Everyone in here was laughing the entire time,   u

ntil our faces hurt. And I thought  that bit at the end was inspirational..” The Last Frenzy is comedy that hit theaters  in China on May 1. According to Douban,   Jia Bing stars as a stingy man who’s  been a penny-pincher his entire life. Upon discovering he has an incurable  disease and only 10 days left to live,   he goes on one last frenzy, and spends his  fortune on unforgettable experiences with friends.

Next up, some leaked images of Bai Lu and  Joseph Zeng made the rounds on Weibo yesterday. The two stars were on the set of their  latest costume drama Lin Jiang Xian 临江仙. In this video clip, Joseph is seen  putting on Bai Lu’s coat for her.   He then straightens out her collar  before suddenly and aggressively   yanking her forward. She tries to  grab his wrist but he holds on.
Some words are uttered.. and what seems like an  unpleasant encounter, may not be one after all? Is he leaning in show some tenderness, or  to whisper something provoking? Evidently,   that wasn’t the only take they did. Another video clip showed different  takes of the same scene. In these ones,   Bai Lu has trouble keeping it together,  but they get it right eventually.
Lin Jiang Xian started filming about three   weeks ago. They shared their first  posters a couple of weeks later. Lastly for celebrities updates,  Shen Yue was spotted at a zoo. The Hongshan Zoo in Nanjing  to be exact. On April 30,   netizens shared images of her filming for  the variety show 50km Taohuawu 五十公里桃花坞.
The 27-year-old actress was wearing a protective   gown and it looks like she  was doing some clean up. Shen Yue hasn’t starred in a drama in a while.  Her last was 2022’s Mr Bad with Chen Zheyuan.   Since then, she’s was in the anthology Our  Times, and had a guest role in Hi Producer. She does have a supporting role in  the upcoming FSM: Love in Pavilion,   and starring roles in The  Comic Bang and Smile Code.

On that note, it’s Thursday today  so time for another segment of My   Predictions For This Sunday’s Top 10 Champions. As you guys know, every Sunday we do the Top  10 Chinese web and TV dramas of the week. In this segment, I give some of my thoughts and  predictions as to who the champions will be.

So will In the Name of the Brother  with Qin Hao and Yang Mi, and Will   Love in Spring with Li Xian and Zhou  Yutong for the TV drama category. However, I’m not sure if they’ll do enough.  I still going to back BiA and CotC to remain   champions for one more week before they start  to slip down the charts.

What do you guys think? That’s been another segment of My Predictions  for this Sunday’s top 10 champions. It also brings us to the end of this episode. Have  a great weekend, and I’ll see you guys Sunday. As always, stay safe, and I  wish you clear blue skies,   good health and happiness.  Until next time, cheers.