BAHUBALI 3 Interesting Facts, Prabhas, Anushka Shetty, Mrunal, Tamannaah, SS Rajamouli

BAHUBALI 3 Interesting Facts, Prabhas, Anushka Shetty, Mrunal, Tamannaah, SS Rajamouli



bahubali 3 interesting facts

Bhallaldev’s father wanted to avenge Bhallaldev’s death but he was unable to do anything and this is because there was no one with him, as you all know that Amarendra started taking his father’s kingdom forward. First of all, he started paying attention to those people in his kingdom who had been inserted due to the war, Amarendra spent for the treatment of all of them and also gave some extra money so that they could live their life a little better. .

After this, he also paid attention to other people who had died in that fight, he also spent on their families and also took the responsibility of providing every help and service to their families completely. After hearing everything, the people there feel a little better, after that they see whether there is someone who needs help and is not getting what they need.

After which he finds some people whom he cares for, on the other hand Bhallaldev’s father wanted to avenge the death of Bhallaldev but he was not able to do anything and this is because there was no one with him but still he He wanted to take revenge and for that he first started looking for such people whom he could use by provoking them.

For this, he also went to the jail there so that he could form a group by taking some prisoners from there, from there he found four such prisoners who are ready to support him.


After this, he makes a plan with all of them, but while making the plan, he realizes that he is not enough to kill Amarendra, so he slowly starts searching for people like him, even he is a common man. We used to include him in our team by making him a bhangvoss. In the film, we are going to see that Amarendra goes to meet all the prisoners in the jail.

And he frees all the old prisoners who were there and gives this order, after which all those old prisoners were released. Amarendra was returning back to his palace, then he saw a helpless man lying on the road like this. Later he asks his men who he is, on which he tells them that he is from the village near Jahan.

Due to his illness, he was thrown out of his house, after which he says that he should be brought to the palace and he should be treated there itself. After going to the palace, he tells the whole thing to his mother, after which they hold a meeting. In which we describe what happened today and ask our fellow members what they should do according to them.

After listening to which some people say that the family of that person should be called here and questioned, some say that his family should be given money for his treatment, due to which the whole other ministers say that such a condition exists in many other places.

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After this, it was decided that first it will be found out where it is happening, after which they will take action on it, now it is to be seen that what is going to happen next, what do you have to say on this news, please tell us in the comment. Follow us to get more such updates.