Cuttputlli box How much was the puppet box office collection for 6 days?

How much was the puppet box office collection for 6 days? Cuttputlli box

Today 6 days have been completed for the release of Puppet Movie and we will tell you how many million views this movie has got today on its sixth day and together we will tell you how many million views this film can get on its seventh day and the film’s performance. How are you getting to see Buzz and Craze?

If we talk about the film Puppet Movie, then this film is a criminal thriller film in which you see a psycho killer. Is.

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Because when I saw this movie, I didn’t feel a single week point inside the movie except for its ending, but you can ignore that thing because what is happening in today’s time, you will get all that inside this movie. You get to watch and you also get a lesson from this movie.

How can you keep your children safe, now we move towards our update, if we talk about the million of views count of the puppet movie so far, then this movie has crossed the figure of 51 million views in its five days. But the film has garnered around 4.5 million views on its sixth day.

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If we are talking about the predictions of the seventh day and the way the film is getting to see the buzz and craze, this film can earn about four million views on its seventh day, due to which the seven-day view count of this film is 58 million 50. Thousands of views.

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Let us tell you that this film has got a huge thumbs up view from the audience side, we grow towards the collection of the film, Disney Plus Hotstar has earned 22 crores so far from the puppet movie, which will not be wrong to say that Disney + And Hotstar has brought this movie to profit, so friends, now what is your opinion about the puppet movie you liked or you will definitely tell by commenting uselessly and stay connected with us for such updates.

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