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Eagle Movie ! Pre Release Event

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Eagle Movie! Pre Release Event

Eagle Movie! Pre Release EventThis story starts in the year 140 but we are shown the Roman Army in Britain. There is also a soldier in Odisha whose name is Maa Kasam Maa Kasam. He is sleeping at night when he hears a strange sound, after which he After preparing his aunt, he goes towards the question and suddenly many people attack him from behind. Lucky Mark defeats the justice along with Shahriyar and now he also gets a part of his army for checking and in the morning. When Mark arrives, he learns that the troop has not returned and then we come across a very old Eagle Movie! Pre Release Event

Eagle Movie ! Pre Release Event
Eagle Movie ! Pre Release Event

The tribe is shown with all their men tied up who were sent by Marcus at night and the chieftain says that you have captured our land, that is why we will kill your people, after this his people are seen in front of the market. After this, he prepares the soldiers and attacks them, but sometimes these quips are very dangerous, that is why they start killing all the above mentioned people. You realize that now this channel That’s why he could not take aim at the commander and would have killed him but due to being injured.

He also becomes himself and when he regains consciousness, he is badly injured in his father’s house. They take him here. Here they talk to each other about how my father says that he is a very good person. Protecting till the last breath of life, there is someone who subscribes to them and it happens that till the time they cannot be defeated and if two go to you, then after that the enemy will win, that is why every ISRO is there to protect Mars. Can even give his life because it is a sign of honor for him but this year earlier the commander of his father’s troop

He was lost somewhere along with the army unit and with them he is lost forever so that he can regain his family’s honor and go here because as many people say that here people can leave it on someone’s advice. When Kumar is having dinner with his people, he is told that there is a huge wall in North Britain and on the other side of the wall there is a The eagle is yellow in color and has only been seen near the merger and we are confident that it is ours.

I got lost years ago but it is impossible to go there, it doesn’t look good at all, whoever never comes back towards the wall, and from there, you say, he went towards the end, and anyway, I will take the whole of you and only this. There the language is learned that when we reach till then sometimes you will come towards this side because we have always opened the door from this side, never from that side no one noticed and now when the door is opened let us see that far- Far away there is only empty space, no one knows which way to go and both of them keep walking for many days.

When they were eating food, some people attack them and kill both of them. One person must subscribe here. How do you say that they go towards North and then both of them go towards North and very It is dangerous here and then they keep moving slowly and continuously and then they attack a man on the way but they quickly do it before it is believed that and when they interrogate the accused, they come to know that from today onwards Peace years ago the father of the market was the commander of the troop your yes soldier and it tells that from today 20

Years ago, when we came here, our army was very powerful but could not face anyone in these forests, they killed all our people and asked, “You tell my father that when I saw, from all sides I could not help those who were attacking the enemy because I was the last one to save my life. It all comes down to the skin that you may be asking questions to the wrong person who would have completely said that if you knew then you told me. Why didn’t you tell earlier that your father had come to kill Arpita? Marx says that you are my slave.

You should have told me everything, it says that if I had not been with you, you would have lost your life by now and after this, both of them start fighting and sometimes they do something dangerous and dangerous to each other. He tells Britain China and it’s with me It’s both told Britain China and it’s with it It’s very much like it’s with every way but can’t help it because if the guys find out that each other Those appointed with him will kill both of them. Similarly, a few days are required here and one day there is a relaxed function in the tribe.

Where everyone drinks too much alcohol due to which Subscribe at night and on the same night he takes advantage of this opportunity and goes to Marg that you all are sleeping soundly, we will not get anything better than this from here and first of all From here he goes to the temple of Lord Krishna and worships the one who took him and then he comes to his horses and then a voice comes from behind. Look, a child here says that by taking me with you, everyone came to know that I did not take you. Knew that all this would not work, so you have a family, you will have to stay here and left from here with both of them.

It is in their temple that they understand what it means and how to live with it.

He was a Roman soldier, he has stolen a horse and ran away, hence they start chasing him in a dangerous war. Both of them keep traveling on their horse for two consecutive days. He falls on it, with the help of which they can travel further. But I am so tired, so disgusted and so disgusted that I can’t move on from here because leaving this mask on here, if I want to cut from here, then first of all I have to return myself to my father here. I didn’t go to the road, she says that

I will return soon and leaves from here. He remains lying alone in the forest near the market in the same way that he has the pride of the country, that is, he is also eaten, that he is here with his parents and here with his father. That the father has to fight till his last breath to save your father. Subscribe Some people believed that he had appointed him well and subscribe that after taking this appointment, he was continuously following here. And so it is said that you have betrayed your country, you have joined hands with the enemies.