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Home » Devil Movie Review ! Devil (Tamil) Movie | Cast, Release Date, Trailer,

Devil Movie Review ! Devil (Tamil) Movie | Cast, Release Date, Trailer,

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Devil Movie Review ! Devil (Tamil) Movie | Cast, Release Date, Trailer,

Devil Movie Review ! Devil (Tamil) Movie | Cast, Release Date, Trailer,   devil movie tamil dubbed download Welcome friends, once again welcome all of you to Craze Fur Movies and today we are going to talk about Nanda Muri Kalyan Ram Sanyukta Manon and Malavika new star Telugu film i.e. Devil released in theaters today, about two and a half hours long. The film that came with the run time, Devil is basically a period mystery suspense mystery drama film, where if I talk about the film, then honestly I liked the basic idea of ​​the film, the story line of the film, but there was a very Average to below average after the first half, the way in the second half

Devil Movie Review ! Devil (Tamil) Movie | Cast, Release Date, Trailer,
Devil Movie Review ! Devil (Tamil) Movie | Cast, Release Date, Trailer,

The film Jo tries to pull itself together only on the basis of twists and turns. By the end of the film, I felt that the potential of this idea of ​​this story is still there even at 20, perhaps this is the film Jo. It is not successful in presenting on screen. If we talk about some twists and turns in the second half, some of them work while some of them were easily predicted by me and I personally also feel the same. How much one likes this film depends a lot on which twist is working for whom in which way.

If you can predict every twist very easily, then you will have nothing much to watch in the film, if not, then the film will definitely keep you engaged till the end, although in the trailer, we have been shown only this much that here But why has such a big agent been thrown into a murder mystery, a British secret agent has to solve the appointments, you will get the answer to that in the beginning of the film itself, but I am here in the video. Will not discuss when they have not shown in the trailer then why should I discuss here

The idea of ​​Karun was very good and along with this idea, the commercial elements that have been included in the film were also very good. If you see, every single thing that is there will be seen in the film, every single thing had a scope. Here there is mystery in the film, there is suspense, there are mass moments, there is a revolutionary feel, there is patriotism, there is dialogue, everything is there, all the elements are there, they have been kept inside the film, but the problem is that everything is there but it is the execution. In terms of presentation, this film beats the first half.

Devil Movie Review ! Devil (Tamil) Movie | Cast, Release Date,

In the first half, the manner in which Kalyan Ram’s character is assigned to investigate this murder and slowly starts solving the case, does not seem very interesting anywhere. On top of that, Satya comes along with him. Who is his assistant here, then the dialogues which were forcibly given to him here, I would also say that they were very irritating, I don’t know whether they were given for comedy or for whom, I was not able to understand. Actually, within the setup of this film, I feel a little bit

There was no need for forced comedy; on top of that, the chemistry between Sanyukta Menon and Kalyan Ram which starts the love track is also not able to connect with us anywhere as per the story. If we look at it, then both the characters should have been written in a very strong way, one here is completely dedicated to his country and the other one here is working for the British, both of them are one. If we fall in love with another then here are these things which would have developed well and here these

If their love story had worked organically here, it was possible that some other scenes of the film could have created a better impact, but all these things are neither developed anywhere nor Somewhere I am able to connect with me personally, even before the second half, even before the interval, the film has already changed its track, which is the second main issue of the film, and from there, if If I talk about it, as I said in the beginning, if there is anything left to see and show, then it is some twists and turns which

I would say that the first one twist was good but after that I had predicted all the twists, two or three, all the twists that came very easily. If we look at the second half, we get to see two such action sequences. There is a fight sequence where one guy is killing 100-200 people which is very well choreographed here where I would say that if there was a good background music then things would have gone very well. Could have been elevated but due to a weak BGM there is no impact.

It is not possible to create it here, but still the overall action was I would say was quite good. If I talk about the performances then look at the way the story of this film was and the idea, each character here was portrayed accordingly. Jo Hai should have been written in a very strong manner so that the actors get a scope to give their performance, but because the characters themselves have not been written in that manner, the performance here does not make sense. On top of that, the casting of Malvika Nair also felt a bit misfit and she was nowhere near the same.

Neither is she able to portray the role of a perfect politician, nor does she fit into the role of the revolutionary in which she has been shown here. Rest of the production value of the film is quite good, the way the sets etc. have been designed. All those things are quite good, the film does not feel very cheap anywhere, except for the climax fight, an attempt has been made to go above the budget and design things which are The reason is obviously that green screen etc. has been used, which although obvious, feels a bit off.