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fighter ott release date netflix india

fighter ott release date netflix india

fighter ott release date netflix india

fighter ott release date netflix india :-Friends, what is the final verdict of Fighter Bhai Saheb, now it is going to come in OTT also, Hello guys, how are you guys, welcome to the final world wide prediction episode of Fighter, there is no prediction now, it has become official and apart from this, friends, Fighter OTT. Even is going to be released in 2015. If we say that it is about to happen then it will not be wrong. So many people here ask me the final word, what is the final word of Fighter? What should we call it? Hit Hit. What to call average flop disaster then this video

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Friends, I will give you a reason as to what you can say. Apart from this, you will also see what was its total world wide collection and I will tell you the release date and release time of OTT because brother, Dhamaka has happened, so let’s talk like. Subscribe so that you keep getting more videos like this. So let’s start this video. Actually guy, look, the thing is that even in the movie Fighter, I think friends, today is the 55th day in 55 days. Yes guys, the movie was released in the box office on 25th and today is 20th, 55 days friends of this movie.

  • has completed in the box office and I want to tell you that friends, this movie has collected one lakh rupees
  • even yesterday. From the box office, you people will say that friends, tell me what collection has happened here,
  • this movie has been finalized here. So guy, if we first talk about the total net collection and what is its budget,
  • then I have already told you friends, its budget is Rs 200 crore friends. If we friends tell you its collection here
  • then it is Rs 212 crore 73 lakh. Rap Yes Guys its final net collection is 212 crore 73 lakh friends, the budget of
  • the movie is 200 crore.

And guys here if we talk about over suss then this movie earned 104 crores friends which is less than war yes brother it is less than war 400 I think 70 crores friends some collection was 60 or 70 crores 460 Or 70 crores and if we friends tell you its total world white box office collection, then there are two reports, one is Box Office India which talks about 458 crores and 888 lakhs. Almost sorry, where did 358 crores, 888 lakhs and 400 reach, then the guy is here. You guys can assume that the budget of the movie is Rs. 200 crores and guys that is a military report means a website.

fighter ott release date netflix india

According to them, friends, this movie has got the status of hit, here are some screenshots, I will not talk about any such fanfare, rest of the guys, if we guys of Bollywood movie reviews give you a verdict, then this movie is also a hit there. Verdict has been taken, yes guys, if we show you the screenshot of Fighter here, then it will be something like this, friends, here Crack is a flop, Fighter’s hit is Hanuman, super hit, Donkey is a hit, Main Atal Hoon flop, here you can see. There must be nothing hidden, okay guy, so hit this movie instead of two-three websites.

  1. Word has been received but you guys will tell me what do you think, look brother, the way the movie was
  2. expected from the movie, the movie was of the level, it would have been fun if it would have made a dangerous
  3. comeback of Hrithik Roshan, but man, this movie did not work as per the expectations. Guy, we can’t call this
  4. movie as Hrithik Roshan’s huge comeback movie. Yes, friends, according to the budget, you can say that it has
  5. made decent collections, otherwise if we call it Total World Wide. Talking about collection, 30060 crores or 58
  6. crores friends, Box Office India is saying that the makers have

Last poster, guys, you guys can say that something came on 26th February, that means 20 days ago till that time it was 360 crores. If I try to show the poster, it is yes 360 crores. Some poster like this had come, so maybe it was. After that, in 20 days, if this movie has made something like 5 crores, then the sum is 370 crores. Friends, you people can consider its world wide box office as 370 crores, the budget is ok, how much is 200 crores, ok, brother, the movie can be called a hit, but Guys, that’s what happens, there are big expectations from a big star, so this movie did not stand up to it.

  • The way we talk about Tiger 3, Tiger 3 had made something like Rs. 470 crores, something like Rs. 470 or Rs.
  • 480 crores but it was expected to make Rs. 1000 crores and it was expected to make Rs. 500 crores, it did not
  • happen but we can say that friends. Both the movies have been hits but did not live up to the expectations. Now
  • you all say leave all this aside. Now tell me friend, if it is coming in OTT, in what format is it coming and when
  • is it coming? Guys, on 21st. Note the March date but there is a twist in this also, what is the twist? netfx3 will go
  • after a couple of hours when guys.

It will be 12:00, it will be 12 am, then it is leaving brother, netfx3 will remain at number one for a week, what do you have to say, see you in the next video, that’s all for now.

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