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love stories trent dalton love story in hindi for girlfriend

love story in hindi for girlfriend
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love stories trent dalton love story in hindi for girlfriend  Do you know that writing a love story in Hindi is also an art, when we read a written love story in the form of a Hindi story on a website or in a love story book, then we get to know about it from its author. Information is available.

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True heart touching love story

In this way we can say which story has been written by whom and writing love stories is a work Biharis are more fond of. Writing a love story or love story in Hindi: It is very difficult to express someone’s love in your own words. In such a situation, if you also read love stories on the internet, then all these love stories will give you a lot of fun.

Love is blind – Love Story in Hindi Written

A boy named Hitesh belonged to a very big and rich family. What I mean to say is that that mean boy Ritesh’s father used to have a huge job and a huge empire. Due to which Hitesh used to be very proud of his father’s money.

He used to have a lot of friends and a lot of girlfriends at once. Due to being so rich in money, he did not explain anything to people, used to quarrel with everyone and used to behave with everyone in a very bad mentality.

This is the reason why Hitesh did not have any best friend, whatever friends he lived with, he lived with them only to have fun with his money. But when Hitesh got into some trouble, none of his friends came forward to help him.

Hitesh used to go abroad a lot to tour with his friends. Because his father had so much wealth that no matter how much Hitesh spent from that wealth, it was not going to decrease.

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For this reason, Hitesh used to be very boastful about that wealth and always used to throw huge parties for his friends and then used to ask where to go for an outing with them.

Hitesh had become addicted to girls and he used to think that he was too much with girls. Due to having a lot of money, he used to hang out with a lot of girls and also used to go out to dances and dance with the girls . He used to go to the resort and feed the girls and then go on tours.

short romantic love story

  • One day when for some reason I was strolling on my terrace, I saw a very beautiful girl sitting on the terrace in front of my house. Hitesh thought on the basis of his money that no matter who the girl is, if Hitesh gives a hint once then no girl will put her attitude in front of him.

But she belonged to a good and noble family and was not the kind of girl who would go along with someone just by looking at their money. To make the girl laugh, Hitesh used to try to lure her in many ways.

But that girl was not at all the kind of girl who would get influenced by anyone’s words. No matter how many people Hitesh sent girls to him to speak, the girl was not ready to agree at all.

Hitesh was going crazy like a man for the girl. Because Hitesh had so much attitude that if the girl refused, he would get very angry. Hitesh was thinking that for whatever reason the girl is refusing, no matter how much money we give her, we will force her to go with us.

A girl asks a friend to send not even a single penny to her house, take it and tell the girl to take as much money as you want, as much food as you want to travel, from me, but get ready to travel with me. But Hitesh was getting very angry after hearing that she was not going to get ready under any circumstances even today.

Most romantic love story in hindi

Now gradually Hitesh started changing completely. Hitesh Kom: Apart from that girl, no other girl was visible. Hitesh used to hang out with any number of girls. Now he was completely away from those girls and now he spent most of his time at home.

When that girl used to come to his terrace, Hitesh used to try to look at that girl with his desire and also tried to convince her. But perhaps that girl would have complete information about Hitesh, that is why the girl used to make many excuses for not going to Hitesh.

The girl’s father was working in a government department and after being transferred, he came to live in the apartment near Hitesh’s house. The girl had no friends because she came from far away. The girl did not even go out for a walk.

love story in hindi for girlfriend
love story in hindi for girlfriend

Because he did not have any friend to roam with, being new he was not able to roam alone . Most of the girls there were not of good nature due to which the girl was not liking any of her friends.

Hitesh always remembered that girl. But nothing like that happened. After nothing had passed, the girl was about to leave her apartment. Because his father was a government officer and he used to be transferred to another place every 3 months.

As soon as 3 months of his stay in that city had passed, he was transferred to some other place. In such a situation, Hitesh started feeling very sad because he could never talk to the one he loved.

As soon as Hitesh came to know about this, he became very sad and started thinking what was my fault that I have not even seen that girl properly till date. But it was believed that that day was the last day in that city and Hitesh used to come to meet that girl and talk about something.

crying love story

When the girl was going out, Hitesh was not going. As soon as he saw the girl, Hitesh stopped. What happened was that the girl had gone to Hitesh and was telling Hitesh that she wanted to talk to him about something.

She is a girl and tells the country that you have too much pride in money. And you have ruined the lives of many girls. Due to which God has given you this punishment that you will not even see any good girl, let alone meeting you.

Having said this, Hitesh moves ahead and keeps cursing himself in his mind. Hitesh thinks that I have so much money and I will not find any good girl , what can I do with so much money?

This is absolutely true friends, no matter how much money you get. A man should never be proud of his money at all. No matter how much money you get, it cannot improve your character. If you have a lot of money, keep it safe and use it for good things.

Conclusion of Love Story in Hindi Written

In today’s Love Story in Hindi, we were reading about the love story of Love Story in Hindi Written and Pyaar Andha Hota Hai Ek Pyaar Aisa Bhi. Hope you are liking all types of love stories available on Short Love Story website. On this website we have published good and new love stories. To read all types of Love Stories, please visit the main page of this website.