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AADIMANAV Round2Hell New video Link Online Watch

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AADIMANAV Round2Hell New video Link Online Watch

Round2Hell Sometimes life throws you into storms you didn’t even see coming. It feels like you’re swimming against the current. Like the whole world is conspiring against you. Then we run. I’m running too, but it’s not running, it’s like taking a step back and taking a breath, but say this, it’s your way of saying, Hold on to life, I’m not done [Music] Yet well, you might be wondering who am I and Why am I running away? My name is Kay and the people you see behind are people from my own tribe. I am running away because I have beaten this groom of theirs badly. Now you

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Round2Hell You must be wondering when and how, so let’s see it from the beginning [music] About 16 lakh years ago, we were living according to our own and nature’s ways, where we had to hunt to survive [music] [Music] Alas oh my God what place is this?

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Round2Hell There are so many beautiful, beautiful things and that too in your life. This must be a dream. I shoot, if the dream does not happen, then this is the reality. Come on, let’s see the human being. What kind of dress is this in this desolation? Surely it is someone. Fancy Dress Ka Chupa Hoga Hello Mera Naam Joy [Music] [Music]

Round2Hell And  Strange things were told [MUSIC] but there was no one to listen, so now it was time to call the Chief [MUSIC] tomorrow 

Round2Hell Now the second goal was needed but the validity of the dock time has now ended  Maybe I am the first sketch of mankind

  • Tha Chief thought he was a genius and I never failed to take advantage of his mistake [Music] This 

Round2Hell What was this, how strange is everything today, first he was the primitive man and now it is just a dream which after some time will raise the alarm of bullets himself, he goes to sleep  I am brother, where are you going?

Round2Hell Yes, don’t tell anyone, I am going to Green Height Trekking Point and it is just 20 km ahead of here. Why did you land here and I have no money? Don’t go ahead but let me tell you a secret. Listen here. The secret is that there is no shortcut here, how do you know how to go to the Green Height Tracking Point?

Brother, if you have such good knowledge and you have such a good opinion, then please go and give me a pro. What is this name, it sounds strong. This is absolutely true Pro India’s first opinion trading app, in this you can earn lakhs by answering yes and no and yes


Round2Hell You can give your opinion on the questions of that category in which you have interest and knowledge. Like Cricket Crypto came from this. Yes, as if the final match of the World Cup had just taken place, I made a profit of lakhs of rupees by giving my answers and yes, there are questions in this. Will India win the T20 series from Australia? Just give a yes and no answer. If you are absolutely sure, then you can increase the quantity. To earn more profit, the opinion is yours and the profit is also yours. But brother, where will the money we win go to us? Hey brother, whatever you earn, withdraw it immediately.

Round2Hell You can make unlimited deposits and unlimited withdrawals through UPI bank transfer, that too is quite easy. It is not trusted at all. It has more than two crore users and can be downloaded from the link given in the description. If you use my coupon code Art H, you will get a bonus of up to Rs. 00. Brother Pro has made it easy to earn money, I download it now and make profit from my opinion, I don’t know how, only people come there, the administration has ordered to go there. These people kept refusing for this but still go there, this is a dry tale of scandals.

Round2hell New video AADIMANAV 24 Hours Record

Round2Hell Shut the mouth  Shut up O Nick Fury Chala Mat Diyo Fur Ho [Music] Now who are these people oh no man what is going on now black’s nose cancellation also activated

Round2Hell  It’s done [Music] It was [Music] What does it mean that they consider the gun a miracle and me a god, I can’t do this, you will die if you do this, come today, what is happening to me, me. Home

Round2Hell Gotta find a way to go [Music] Shut Shut Shut How did I forget this was the day I was the happiest

  • Because ours have come God [Music] Na Dhan Na K Hai [Music] Hey oh someone’s ass Where’s the gun gun gun gun gun

Round2Hell Do you guys have any idea how dangerous that thing is? Your family will be destroyed. Fight for your sister. And if I don’t find a way to go to 2023 again, I will teach you what etiquette is. Do you understand? I was the one who said the fight and now these people started feeling that there is some divine power in this gun which is capable of summoning a gun when the trigger is pressed [music] [music]

Round2Hell Now it was going to be a complete blast that we have gold and the icing on the cake is that just now the Chief saw God bringing the clouds down [music] These people have started considering me as God but he seems something different Listen, have you seen this place somewhere? This is not a thing to eat. Look, have you seen this place somewhere [Music]

Round2Hell  See this I was very happy that night to go to that place to see that ray of hope but at the request of Sardar we stayed [music] of the band

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Round2Hell Oh yes, where are you taking me in the morning, aren’t you going to get me braided [Music] Oh wow, this is the same place from where I came [Music] This is the place I came from, yes, here This is where I came from, there’s no tomorrow To the place where I look back Why can’t I go Does this mean I’ll never go home [Music] [Applause]

Round2Hell He was completely broken and that was the moment when he decided to change everything [Music] Some but bro today’s lesson is very important Today we are going to invent something new God fought it Let me tell you again, he is not your God, you go through our ass, you are no good, you go through our court, you are not a good person, you lame people, they are really fighting, no lesson is going on.

Round2Hell  Come on, this is the Gunda Boy, I don’t like every Chris Gal’s pussy, so first of all, tell me to get up, the invention I am going to make today will change the future, but before that If there was a mike, I would have given a speech. I have a good mike. The mike should be presented.

Round2Hell Well, today we are going to invent 24 teeth of the hand, then what about the hand [music], so today we are going to invent that invention. You have been asking me for many years, do you know what? Invention of Scar of Fire: What is this fire? It is an edible thing. As soon as it is ready, put it in your mouth [Music] Yes.

Round2Hell  This is a stone. Fire is created by rubbing two stones together. Now look [music] Magic fire gives us protection, we can cook food on fire, fire talks to us, it is very easy to light a fire [music] ] Hai re ka salman na jal [Music] Gayi be aa aa kiya nahi hai jaal jaale

Round2Hell Water, stone, stone, why do you have to lay the foundation of Taj Mahal, you have to light a fire after seeing the neighbors, come quickly [Music] Fire, kill their physics student, your correspondence course is not stopping for a little while today, what degree have you woken up with, this stone Why are you not getting any more stones?

Round2Hell) She started doing this and I will kill you, fire, fire, go away, oh eagle, oh chief, I am not yours, come chief, our eagle had said that fire protects us from the cold, like this I will die from the cold, Ch Ch, you will see the miracle, close your eyes. Go away Gad, these are your clothes, I have got them trolleyed, I don’t want to wear clothes, you people are not becoming like me, so why should I become like you, man is the biggest enemy of nature and the counting of his inventions has to stop now.

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Round2Hell  Naam Nahi Rahi [Music] Today’s invention will speed up the world because today we will invent the wheel Bhaya Bhaya Gad Ah Ye Bhi Ye Bhi Had a space before the score, it would have been fun, there would be no speech This pit would be without speech. What is this wheel? Through the wheel, we can go from here to there faster in less time and really get ready to learn. Remember, we are not just making this wheel, we are making history.

Round2Hellyou making? Are you making paiya? Do you want to please the group? Yes, if I make it faster than this, how will it be made? Look here, do it like this, like this. and make it like this ok

What are you making of the world’s first cheater? Brother, brother, I have become your mother. We are making a paiya so that we can catch the fastest speed in the world. Hey, the dreams of a bastard have no meaning. According to see [Music] Chief Chief I have made a brother Chief I have made a brother [Music] We have made a paiya I have made this Now we will catch the fastest

AADIMANAV | Round2Hell

 Pick up the pace [Music] How G Bhaiya has become, really show me my children, I am not able to understand one to three ton sister’s ass, what is this wheel, this wheel is this wheel, it is like this wheel, it is only from Gut 192 There is only one difference here Yes good There is a difference of 19 20 There is a difference of 19 20 There is a difference of 19 20 There is a difference of 192 There is a difference of 19 lakh in this and that There is a difference of 19 lakh in your language Lame There is a difference of 192 in everything There is a difference of 192 in you You are right, it has been so long that we have not reached here holding on to this wheel, but if you go on for years, how will you make four such wheels, only then a car would have been made.

 Gad, what is this car? Car, yes, the sound of the car is like this. The sound is also like this. Gad, what is this car? Yes, the car is like this. Excuse [Music] Gad, now hold us [Music] Raftaar Ye What kind of a paiya has overtaken even a lame sister [ __ ] In this era, four by four is not a thing to eat [Music]

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 Where did these stars come from? Looking at the stars from above, the car started bringing Gad, can we go from here very fast with this? Oh children, sit at the back, if there is space at the back then who will sit at the front, who will sit at the front, who will sit at the front, who will sit at the front, you bastards will sit at the front, break the other one too, fight with your sister, even in this era, you are fighting for the front seat, it is no better than the back seat. It is good for the friend, it is good, we will see for the friend, we will also see for the front, yes, take a look for this one, this is also on the front, God.

 It’s a bad thing, sister’s fight, man man nahi riya, man nahi riya hai, one by one [music] Sing, see how happy he is after seeing the cheap car, his tears are not stopping because of happiness, aren’t these tears of happiness? So, if I had not been able to sit with my chief on my ass, how would my chief go now?Yes, it is fun, oh God, it is a lot of fun.

AADIMANAV Round2Hell New video Link Online Watch
AADIMANAV Round2Hell New video Link Online Watch

Raya remembered the tree with every stroke, throw it towards the corner to warn him, come ok [applause] [music] [music] Which animal was he sitting on, it must be of a new species, let’s go Will hunt it someday Gad bhaga bhaga baga bo bo baga take it here take it here take it here take it up

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 [Applause] [Music] [Music] Gad papa, start the work of the wheel Paya paya, where is he, he did not learn to light the fire, Na paya [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] I made it from his ass If you have uttered this duha, then my name is not Kay [Music] Today Gad, what new are we going to teach you, now let’s do that

AADIMANAV | Round2Hell

 With the help of which we will learn that we will not need to hunt. Do you know what this is? This is the seed and now we will learn to do farming, not the burden of our sister, open Oxford University, become an engineer, this is the insult to your ass so far. You already know the story, I would also like to go home

AADIMANAV | Round2Hell bsmaurya

 Listen to me, it’s nothing, you stay away from it, it’s nothing, I know what it is, and I also know that you’re from the future, too. One minute you’re saying that you You already knew all these things, the time to tell was not right, the time was not right, you also know what effect this would have on the future, how many time lines would have changed and do you know the reason for this, the only reason for this is that you Before we learned to speak, we learned to light fire, we learned to make the wheel, and because of this, many trees and plants would have died out before their time.

 Not only plants but also animals would have been destroyed. It is also possible that my friends would also be no more and everything about my parents would remain the same as you left behind. You are saying that time Tampering with the butterfly fact is all a joke. Time in Brahmin is like a small drop of water in the ocean and this Brahmin has been running himself in his own way for millions and crores of years and who knows how many secrets are buried in it. You don’t know anything, I read. That by time traveling things change, the time line changes, you do not go, you are called by the universe itself.

Not sent by a time machine, but a kind of cosmic event, ham event. Yes, you go from here, time is very short and bringing him is like a tele-cake, I will bring him, tell me how long will it last, tomorrow morning. It can stop any time after the sun rises [Music] [Music] [Music] Ya remember your promise

Round2Hell AADIMANAV Where is the code of God  Satan, you want to snatch our group from us [Music] Chief, I am not a group of you too

Round2Hell AADIMANAV I am like a common man. Respect and power destroyed the real joy and I didn’t know when I became one. I just wanted to make the future better. But I was wrong. Is it right? No, this devil has given you Bhi beka diya tum gado chalo [Music] You lame bastard, your other leg should have been folded as well, where is the justice in this, now a two-legged person is compared to a one-legged person.


The promise was fulfilled, thank you very much for your help, I will never forget you, star, you are the one who has sowed the secrets of primitive humans, Riya, tell me one thing, after 2023, when will it open next time? Now this next time then It will open when some people will come from outside and big triangular buildings will be built. Pyramids of Giza. There is no time for talking. Here is the key. Now you all go away from here. Thank you, we should leave. Thank you once again. Let’s finally go home. What happened? out of petrol

 Get out quickly today, go and push my sister, abe tank full na rakh pa aye salo bhulia to ghar se toure maar hai tour e ghar aaja sit ja nahi aunga [Music] Here Hey Guys video if you like it So guys like the video and comment your favorite part and subscribe the channel and break the record of subscribers and guys if you have opinion then don’t give it on street corner download the probe from the link given in the description and our Use code RTH there you will get welcome bonus up to ₹ and guys fire us instagram2s meme sub