Aashiqui 3 Official Update | Aashiqui 3 Movie Download Official Update


Aashiqui 3 Official Update | Aashiqui 3 Movie Download Official Update

Bhool Bhulaiyaa To star Kartik Aaryan has been seen mostly in romantic comedy characters but now in his new film, Kartik’s cot core is going to be the romantic hero, going to become the third installment of the popular today’s franchise for the heart touching love story. And its hero will be Karthik Aryan.

This is not a half-part news, but Karthik Aryan himself has shared the announcement of Aashiqui 3 on social media. Now the song ‘Tere Bin Ji Lenge Hum’ is playing and it is not to be forgotten that this song is from the first film of Aashiqui which released in 1990.

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Rahul Roy and Anu Agarwal Star Yeh Love Story is counted among Bollywood’s iconic romantic films and Kumar Sanu’s song Ab Tere Bin Ji Lenge Hum was very blockbuster, the thing to note in the announcement of Aashiqui 3 is that its three is written in your animation.

While announcing the video, Karthik wrote, ‘Ab Tere Bin Ji Lenge Hum Jahar Zindagi Ka Pee Lenge Hum’ Aashiqui 3 This will be very heartwarming. This is my first film with Vasudev in the title of the film with fire animation and Karthik. The heart-wrenching love story indicates that this story is going to be very good.

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Anurag Basu is going to direct Aashiqui 3 Anyway, he is known for his heart-wrenching love story, he has made films like Saaya Murder Gangster and Life in Metro, now Anurag is going to do wonders in Aashiqui 3 with a great actor like Karthik. Thinking about it is fun in itself.

The Aashiqui series is known for its love story as well as great songs, the announcement of Aashiqui 3 in the voice of Arijit Singh and the addition of music composer Pritam to the film is a guarantee that Kartik Aaryan will deliver some of the best romantic songs. When is Aashiqui 3 going to start and when will it be released

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No information has been revealed about this, nor has the name of the actress to be opposite Karthik in the film been announced, but it is going to be very difficult for the fans to wait for the film.

At present, friends, how excited are you to see Karthik Aryan starrer film Aashiqui 3, definitely tell in the comment and stay connected with us for such updates.

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