Baahubali 3 Interesting Facts, Prabhas, Anushka Shetty, Mrunal Thakur, SS Rajamouli

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Baahubali 3 Interesting Facts, Prabhas, Anushka Shetty, Mrunal Thakur, SS Rajamouli

Who is Anand Neelkanth What did Anand Neelkanth have to do to enter the world of Bahubali, what special practice he follows while writing books, today we will tell you about the iconic blockbuster film Bahubali, the writer would have been the first person to make a film. It is one who has to give the best from his end because the future of that film rests on the efforts and creativity of the writer, Anand Neelkanth who does not need any introduction, he is the same writer for whom we were making the role.

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This mythology writer is the book of Mahabharata, Asura and Bahubali’s Sivagami, he has also written Anand Neelkanth, director of films made on Bahubali, SS. Rajamouli had called him to Hyderabad. He had read his books asura and Duryodhana’s Mahabharata. Rajamouli said that he would be able to show the story of only five to six hours in both the films on the screen, but the story of Bahubali is very big, so he wanted Anand Neelkanth to bring the story before Bahubali in front of the people in the books, for this he used Anand. Took the test

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In which there was a different situation. Anand got only 100 days for this, let us tell you that the book Sivagami Katha is completely Anand’s imagination paste, Rajamouli gave him only as a guide line some conditions regarding the characters present in his film i.e. Katappa, Pitch Jaldev and Sivagami etc. Was given that they can do this and not like this.

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Apart from this, all the characters condition of the book is going to be the best on Anand’s Imagination and Rajamouli has given him complete freedom for that. The problem did not come, Anand says that I write a book every day from 4:00 am to 7:00 pm, during which there is a lot of peace, due to which it helps me to focus.

Although I do not have to make any special effort to write and this is the reason that I can write sitting anywhere, I write books while staying at home, apart from this I also have a small resort in Wayanad, sometimes I go there Actually, my biggest specialty is that I work for many projects at a time, so if the thoughts do not come for one project, then I start working on the other.

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So we can get to read the full story book of Bahubali 2 and Bahubali 3 soon, some part of Bahubali 3 will be shot on the imagination of the book written by Anand, but the name of both Rajamouli and Anand will come in the writer because the ideas are from Rajamouli only. And Imagination was of Anand, then both have done equal work, you will definitely tell us by commenting how much you are waiting for Bahubali 3 and stay connected with us for more such new updates.