Brahmastra Box Office Collection on Day 1? How much was

Brahmastra Box Office Collection on Day 1? How much was


In 2022, the boards of Housefull were seen outside theaters only twice, the first time at the time of Triple R, the second time KGF Chapter Two, but the thing to note is that both KGF Chapter Two and Triple R were South’s films, after which a lot. Everyone started saying that now South will rule in Bollywood and Bollywood films will hardly earn a record break at the box office.

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But as soon as the film Brahmastra was released, people’s misconceptions were cleared and as soon as Brahmastra film was released in theaters, there were long lines of people outside every theater and the film became completely houseful in the cinema halls and the film has As soon as it was released, it broke many records at the box office and earned crores of rupees on the first day.

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So today we will talk about the budget, screen count and first day worldwide collection of Brahmastra film and will tell you how many crores the film earned worldwide from all languages ​​on the first day, the planning of this film is going on for the last nine years. and started its shooting in 2015 and the makers of the film had said that the film would be released in theaters by 2017 or 2018.

But it took a lot of hard work to make the film, due to which the release date of the film was postponed again and again, but finally, after nine years of hard work, the film Brahmastra has been released in theaters and the time taken by Ayan Mukerji to make the film. The more this film is being liked by the audience.

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The reviews of Brahmastra film are super positive and all those who have seen this film say that this film is the best Bollywood film till date, just as Bahubali 2 is considered to be the best film of South. Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Amitabh Bachchan, Nagarjuna and Mouni Roy are being seen in the Brahmastra commodity, which is considered to be the best film of Bollywood.

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Talking about the budget of the film, first of all let’s talk about the starcast fee of this film, then Ranbir Kapoor has given Brahmastra film for many years, due to which Ranbir Kapoor has got 60 crores for this film. The heroine Alia Bhatt has got 30 crores, while Amitabh Bachchan sir has got 20 crores, then the film also has Nagarjuna sir whose fees is 12 crores.

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Apart from this, TV actress Mouni Roy is also playing a special role in this film and Mouni Roy’s fee is 5 crores, while the director and writer of this film, Ayan Mukerji has given 9 years of his life to this film for which Karan Johar gave him. Apart from this, the fees of the rest of the supporting cast of the film are around 15 to 20 crores, ie the total star cast of the film is only 190 crores.

Apart from this, about 200 crores were spent in the making of the film and promotion of the film, about 15 to 20 crores in publicity, along with the total budget of Brahmastra film, including star cast, shooting, promotion etc. All in all, it has become 410 crores.

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But if you are thinking that the budget of the film is 400 crores, due to which there is a big risk on the producers of the film, then I would like to tell you that the film is earning a lot after its release in theatres, but the film has released in theatres. Even before this, he had earned about 70% from his budget.

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Brahmastra has been released in five languages ​​namely Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada Total and the digital rights of this film in all five languages ​​i.e. online streaming rights have been sold for 160 crores, apart from the satellite rights of the film i.e. They sold the rights to show it on TV for 115 crores, the music rights of this film were sold for 20 crores, the makers of the film Brahmastra sold digital satellite and music rights of this film in all five languages. .

Yes, the budget of the film is 410 crores, but even before the film came to theaters, Karan Johar has earned about 295 crores from this film, but talk about how many screens the Brahmastra film has been released, then the Brahmastra film is 5000 in all languages ​​within India. While it has been released in more than three screens, the film has been released in the overseas market i.e. in about 3000 screens abroad.

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That is, the film Brahmastra has been released on more than 8000 screens worldwide, which is the highest number of screens this year than any Bollywood film, but if we talk about how many crores the film Brahmastra is earning from all over the world on its first day.

So first of all we talk about the original language of the film i.e. Hindi, first of all let me tell you that the advance booking of the film in Hindi was done more than 20 crores and as soon as today this film is in theaters. Released in many places means more and more