Business Idea: If you have vacant land then set up ATM, you will earn good money every month, apply like this

Business Idea: If you have vacant land then set up ATM, you will earn good money every month, apply like this

ATM Machine Business Idea: Friends, you know that the present time has changed now.

People do not keep cash with them, in such a situation they have an ATM card, with the help of which they can whenever they want.

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You can withdraw money, people can use ATM for 24 hours, in such a situation comes a business idea that you can

You can earn lakhs of rupees, that is to put ATM machine on vacant land, if you have vacant land lying with you.

So you can earn lakhs of rupees by putting an ATM machine on it. (ATM Machine Business Idea).

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How much land is required:
Let us tell you that to install an ATM machine, you will need about 50 to 80 Square Fit.

If you already have such land then you can install ATM machine there.

And you have to put the ATM machine in such a place, that is, your land should be at such a place where

People keep coming and going, this business idea (ATM Machine Business Idea) is mostly related to the market.

Works well on nearby land and around the machine (ATM Machine Business Idea)

Near also you will need about 50 to 80 yards of space where people can stand.


Lease agreement to be done:

Let us tell you that you want to install the ATM Machine at your free place, you will get all the details of it on a lease.

It will have to be written in the lease agreement, inside this agreement all the details of the owner will also be there and

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Here you will also have to tell that when you get the ATM machine installed at your place, then for that

How much rent will you have to pay and this lease agreement will be for about three to five years.

It has to be renewed inside and again it becomes a Lease Agreement.

total earnings?
By installing an ATM (ATM Machine Business Idea) in India, you can rent i.e. 10 to 30 rupees as rent.

You can earn up to Rs 1 lakh per thousand rupees per month and per 100 transactions.