Case filed against Ajay Devgan And Sidharth Malhotra Starrer Thank God Movie

Case filed against Ajay Devgan and Siddharth Malhotra starrer Thank God movie, know full news

Case filed against Ajay Devgan And Sidharth Malhotra Starrer Thank God Movie

Ajay Devgan has found it very difficult to make fun of Hinduism, the matter has increased so much that the matter has reached his collar and arrangements have been made to drag him to the court, in fact, the trailer of Ajay Devgan’s film Thank God was released recently. It featured Ajay Devgan in the role of Chitragupta.

But in Chitragupta’s getup, Ajay Devgan looked very modern, he was seen wearing coat pants in the trailer. Girls wearing short dresses were also standing around him. has stood.

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In Uttar Pradesh, lawyer Himanshu Srivastava has filed a case in the court against Ajay Devgan, Siddharth Malhotra and the film’s director Inder Kumar, in this case Himanshu’s statement will be recorded on November 18, according to Himanshu, the film’s trailer makes fun of religion and He has hurt religious sentiments.

Himanshu has written in the complaint that after the accident of Siddharth Malhotra in the trailer, his deeds are accounted for in the court of Lord Chitragupta, where Ajay Devgan is using jokes and objectionable words while describing himself as Lord Chitragupta. While doing the presentation of Lord Chitragupta.

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According to the Puranas, Lord Chitragupta is considered to be the god of justice.

Although on the other hand the story of the film is also not new, one such film ‘Wah Life Ho To Aisi’ was released in the year 2005 in which Sanjay Dutt was shown in the role of Modern Yamraj, in that film Shahid Kapoor dies and finally. I come alive.

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At present, the matter is ready to go to the court, now let’s see what action the court takes on this matter, but this case has definitely become a bone in the neck of Ajay Devgan, at the moment what will you say on this, give us your opinion in the comment and more such updates Stay connected with us.
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