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Coragen price 150ml uses in hindi

Coragen price 150ml uses in hindi
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Coragen price 150ml uses in hindi ;- Corazon® insecticide is an anthranilic diamide insecticide available in the form of a concentrated solution to control a wide variety of insect pests. Corazan® insecticide works primarily as a larvicide and specifically works on lepidopteran insects. Corazon® Insecticide contains an active ingredient Rinexpyr® Active , which has a unique mode of action to control even pests resistant to other insecticides. It is used specifically for these pests and is safe for non-target arthropods and natural parasites, predators and pollinators. These properties make Corazan® insecticide an excellent tool for integrated pest management (IPM) programs and provide farmers with extensive flexibility in managing pests, allowing farmers to obtain high-quality produce that food retailers can sell. And meets the expectations of consumers.


Corazan® insecticide is a technical insecticide with the active ingredient strength of Rinxipyr, which is the latest scientific breakthrough in insecticides working through Group 28. This provides excellent protection against targeted pests. This new technology controls all Lepidoptera as well as other species considered economically important. This unique insecticide is easy to use. It has fast-acting, high


insecticidal potency, long-term control properties and protects crops and non-target organisms. Primarily eaten by insects, Corazan® insecticide kills pests at all stages, from immature to adult stages, ensuring long-term crop protection. Insects that come in contact with it stop feeding within minutes and the broad residual activity provides protection to crops for a longer period than other options. Among the many solutions available to growers, this is one solution that is widely used on various crops and is considered the best option among growers to overcome diseases of target crops.

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