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Please Be Married Season 02 Episode 01 in Urdu Hindi Dubbed – [Chinese Drama]

Please Be Married Season 02 Episode 01 in Urdu Hindi Dubbed - [Chinese Drama
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Please Be Married Season 02 Episode 01 in Urdu Hindi Dubbed – [Chinese Drama]

Please Be Married Season 02 Episode 01 in Urdu Hindi Dubbed – [Chinese Drama]:- Both of you, father and son, go to hell. It would have been better if he had killed me alive. I know you will also go after your father. China will win, China will win, China will win, China will win. [Applause] Yes, look, look at that. The floor is on fire mmm mmm what has happened to you mom what has happened to you

I am Anan Anan Who Anan My name is Anan and I am five years old I saw my mother in the fire but when my mother saw me she did not remember me Look son I am not your mother at all Where is the real mother? Hey, listen to me, Papa, Mistas. I told you, I am not your father and even Papa did not remember me. Do you really not remember, mother? I was born on 14 August 2024, but this is 2021. You should have been in a fun situation, your lie has caught on, everything was beyond my understanding, let’s go.

Now let me introduce you to my mom and dad. My mom was the leader of the famous group Punch and my dad was the President of Chennai Entertainment and if you ask the most important thing then tell me, nowadays you are very much in the news so I know everything. Who are you? Papa, I always wanted to live alone, but I am also a man and I had sworn to make them meet. Mummy, eat a little, thank you very much. Take this, Papa, you also understand that I used it, so what happened, Mummy? Why are you feeling shy? Yes, because Papa and you use the same spoon.
Uncle Lu had told me that this is how indirect kissing happens, so just because of me, both mom and dad started living together without any reason. My mom is a big star and I had to stay with her to protect her from boys. I had to go, Papa, I also have to shoot with mom. Uncle Xu said that you are the supervisor there, so you do something, it is okay for me, tomorrow I will arrange a director for you, someone will be on the shooting to take care of mom. It was necessary to happen and I will be there and I will attend the wedding of my mom and dad.

I will definitely get it done, it’s all on me, hey, you should have taken care, he comes home straight from school, but still come, where did you go, do you know how worried aunty and I were, I miss you a lot. I was coming, I can’t wait for aunty, don’t do this, take care in the future, you will not do this at all, okay mummy, just don’t get angry, let’s go for the audition, the director is waiting, children, you are doing well. Go home and memorize your lines, there is shooting tomorrow too. Yes sir mummy, I will give my best, do the same but keep in mind when you go home.

Night my love, as we all know that you are two girls who are first and second in the show, so you have got roles according to your position, so Shamshan ji, don’t you feel bad that you are not doing main? Hey, why would I feel like this, she is my best friend, why would I feel bad about this, so this is where today’s interview ends. Thank you very much to you guys, I am very happy that I am doing well on my own and my boyfriend How can you expect friendship from me after snatching it? Look, we both love each other.
We loved you very much and living with someone forcefully is a very bad thing and anyway, what kind of love have I taken from you that is causing so much pain, please keep your tongue in mind and talk, it is time for make-up. It’s time for make-up, so come on, how dare you wander here, devil girl, get out of here or else I will kill you. I, you are a small child, no one can harm me. Don’t come in my way or else I will kill you. I will give you, don’t make you angry, cut, hey Asang, see what is there in this cater to you.

If you are a D-minded girl, please try to give a little expression. I am sorry, now I will act well. Did I do well, mom? Hey, you did very well, I did not expect that you would do so well, listen quickly. Will you do your make-up quickly? Hey, listen, the lead role takes away all the money. Where should we go? I must teach you a lesson. I didn’t know that this work is so tiring. It is more dangerous than dancing and singing. Don’t move. This is me. Mister S when did you come here tell me slowly I thought you would not be able to come back today

Please Be Married Season 02 Episode 01 in Urdu Hindi Dubbed - [Chinese Drama
Please Be Married Season 02 Episode 01 in Urdu Hindi Dubbed – [Chinese Drama
That’s why I came myself. Okay, so are you worried about my food or did Aunty Junk have it? Wow, chicken soup and rice cake are my favourites. I have to go and process some files, so you read it after having food, then I will. I will also remember my script here. Sitting here, I have made a lot of notes. It seems that she is working very hard. Yes, you sleep comfortably and let me go, I will not let you go anywhere. You are absolutely safe, you Shin Mexican, you are what. is doing

Yes, you are my boss, can’t I come to you? Tell me my problem, Mr. S. I have a very important talk with you. I want the role of the lead actress in the drama I am doing. Miss, did you sleep late at night? There are dark circles under the eyes, look in the mirror, yes, you are right, I slept very late at night, I was sitting all night memorizing the script, you should not reduce it so much, Miss Director has told me to tell you. It means that the script has been changed or that it has been deleted. No, it is not so.

Maybe these were very important parts, how can he delete them like this? Now you ask the director yourself, I will ask him right now [Music] Go Mr. So, I came here to say that I got the lead role in this drama. Can I get it? Am I not in the right mind to be gentle with you? All the contracts of the drama have been signed. It is not possible to change it. Mr. Su, you have also invested a little, so make a little effort and give me the lead role in it. What’s the use? Just think for yourself, if Shank plays this lead role then he will rise in the eyes of people.

In this way only our company will suffer loss and all the benefits will go to your brother. In this way your reputation in your family will be further spoiled. Don’t even think about who said he is my brother. Get lost in this matter from here. Yes, if she takes the lead then it will be even more successful and the old man will hand over the entire company to her, which I will not let happen. Will you come to my house tonight? Okay, thank you Mr. S. Listen, now director, how can you delete the scenes like this? I told him. I had memorized it and it was very important. Yes, what is that in the script?

Changes have been made and some scenes have also had to be deleted. What do you want to say? The heroine’s role will be less than a sporting role. Why did the director change not only the scenes? Tell me directly, the role itself has changed and do that. He is also saying tell me this, but you leave everything alone, he will see, don’t worry, look, you are a demon girl now, because I am perfect for the lead role and anyway, you will suit the hero’s side better, not me. Looks like there is someone better than me here, sorry Shank, but this is what the investors have decided, Ah Shank, by the way, get ready for your shooting.

Take the rest, we will see later, I will have to go, I will meet you later, this is your status, this is the former female lead, the hero is so handsome with her, but why is he acting, I think you have not seen the show in which his Daal Gali. I have heard that they like each other very much and they have also added romantic scenes. Sister, this did not do well with you at all. Mama, I will tell this to Papa. Hey, nothing happened. Here, drink your milk. Come on, my little one. Dear friend, we play together, I have played a lot

Don’t wear mask for shooting with him. I understand so let’s go for something to eat or I will give you air. Yes listen this is Mr. Su’s son don’t mess with him yes hey Anan son how are you are you cheated? Come on, let me give you juice. Is it okay, director, bring me juice and bring me jungle black cupcakes and give me a bottle of yogurt and besides that, Ana, you can’t eat so many things, I don’t, I have told my director uncle and So who didn’t you tell me mummy yes uncle will wait for you sir your shoot is ready you will come now

Or after some time I am also tired, I want to drink kiwi juice and also ask for forest cupcake for me. Okay sir, I will tell you right away. Here are your juices and cupcakes. The director was busy so I brought this for you. There is also ice cream, you are a very bad girl, you have harassed my sister, I don’t want to talk to you, son, don’t talk to elders like this, of course you don’t like it and you shouldn’t shout like this in public, then let’s go to save the poor girl. It’s garbage now what will we do if no one is doing this shoot with us darling

If yes then I will talk to him, let’s talk to Yashwa now and then see, it’s time for shooting or should he shoot the scene of Zayan first? For this you will have to talk to my agent only [Praise] Brother, I don’t know how to say. But you understand, friend, now we cannot slow down the progress of S. Listen director, we had signed Singh for the female first lead and now you are making him the second lead, you cannot do this at all and secondly, this will harm us. This can also have a negative impact on the contract and anyway, it is not only Heel Entertainment that has done this event, we have also done it.

Remember and now even our Mr. Exactly the same thing, yes, it’s okay, the shoot will happen today itself Miss Moon, you don’t need to follow his orders, you just do what your heart says and I feel like even I can’t control myself now, can you send this to Chan? Taxes will definitely come here and they will run away, right? Our net profit in the last half year is 15.2 per cent bigger, which means

There is a lot of improvement in our work and we should continue this work. Mister So, are you satisfied? I am very satisfied with this, but your attention was somewhere else, I know you have to reach the opening ceremony, but you have to earn money there, that’s fine. These days, love birds don’t know what has happened, they don’t even care about work, they have next shooting, Mizzi finished her lass and kissed him, okay come on, get ready for action, if I am telling you something like this then You still won’t believe me Sorry but I’m in a basic relationship

I can’t give you such a moan if you don’t want it then maybe I won’t be able to do anything. It’s strange why am I feeling so cold? Hey why stop Mister S are you here Miss Sasu what are you doing here or sitting here I said. Why is my back so cold, sorry director, another one has come, then sit here and watch, I have taught you this small line, first you are an actor and now we are coming to the film, you do not see any other man except me. Sakti, is everyone ready for action? I promise you that we will always be together for the rest of our lives, please forgive me.

Mr. Xu, I can’t turn a baseless relationship around. Hey, what happened now, why did you stop? I’m sorry, Director. Why are you looking at Mr. Su? Can’t you say a little line? Do you remember, you were an entertainer before? Look, this is all you have to do, then there is peace in your future, sorry, let me try once again, his eyes are full of fear, if you look there, you will get scared, so okay, now you don’t have to think anything else about this, okay, now get ready. Three to One Action: If I make this promise, will you be my life partner?

If Mr. Aquan won’t keep his promise then I don’t care who keeps his promise. If you don’t survive this then sorry I can’t do this. Okay next scene is a fight so please take a minute break. Sorry this is very difficult. Papa is waiting for you, let’s go quickly, he has a lot of things to talk to you, how are you here Mr. Why are you doing this? Why don’t you talk to the screen writer? We will get such screens deleted in the future.
Can’t you? You are not ready for the script right now. If you don’t do this then you don’t have any other course to do but you feel bad, what should I do? Then this is a job. There is nothing to be sorry about. No yes of course if you meet him privately then the story will change then it will not happen at all I will talk to the director that today I am taking you home for dinner yes of course I will go Mrs. the shooting is going to start soon Come please, I am coming, I have to finish my work first.

Okay, now go, this is the shooting area, but why can’t I see anyone, I am also missing you a lot, Mr. So, don’t call everyone, by the way, when I am angry, you don’t handle me. Okay, I want a I need a bag, Mr. S. Please get me a bag, no, it is not at all like that, it must be someone else, the entire shooting here is in the hilly areas, by the way, you will help me, no one should trouble me, by the way, this place is also good, if you talk to S. If she is doing it then has she left the hona ok I will not do wrong again Mr S should I go now then

We will talk at night. You have to run slowly on the road during the shooting of the next scene. Don’t worry, we will take care of your safety. It seems that this is someone’s new phone. Now the time has come for me to take my revenge on you. Now you are yours. You are about to be punished, it’s Shan’s birthday, Abhay, I send it to him and now it is deleted, okay, today will be your end, stay away from Bayli’s Maharaj, you are a danger to him, don’t come between us, it will be good for you, I knew. A girl like you will never understand the language of love. Hey how did it stop? You made a wrong move on me.

Sorry, I got a little nervous, you did it on purpose, you saw it in advance, it’s okay, I’m fine, let’s do it one more time, do everything from the beginning, everything is ready, two to one action, cut, cut, cut, oh Mr. Sen, please move like this. Don’t do whatever is not designed. Sorry director, I am very nervous. Put it down. You are fine. Yes, I am fine. Director. I think the training is not settling in your mind. Na Shank, you are telling me through your actions. Looks like I’ll have to teach you. Look what you’re saying. I’ll tell you right now. This is how I did it.

You again like this you were doing wrong ya sh have you lost your mind hey Mr. S after all chan has cast this drama I should care about him I feel like the shooting is not going well between these two that’s it It was a little too late, is this against him, is his acting not good? Yes, of course his acting is not good at all, that is why the director was teaching you, yes, the cast tells you how to act, the job of the director is not to tell you this. He would have been so good at teaching me, please work honestly, now he knows.

If you don’t know how to teach, then it would be better if the director teaches himself, when will you learn and when will the shooting take place, after all, she will go with him, you go near the car and remember your dialogues, when the director learns. Only then will the shoot proceed. Mom, come quickly in the car. Dad, I have gone to get food, you told all this to your dad, you little rat, of course I can’t see anyone hurting my mom and such a bad woman should be punished. Come on. That’s enough for today, now you have to go back, we will leave again, let’s go in a little while.

The picture is left to watch, I am free, Mr. So, why didn’t you come to pick me up, I told you to come pick me up, I got your car, Shan Shin, where are you going, my car is parked on that side, let’s go that side, Chepu. What are you doing at Jumpu’s place? What are you doing here alone? And who is this boy, Mr. What is the relationship with him? Will you sleep with him too now? What are you doing? Look what is going on there. It seems

Hai Shan Mang Shyan cheated on him Shing Mexican You must have called me here for some reason Are you with me This guy is Hong Kya Hai Na And the other one is Suneo Sen I heard Hoya has left Yash Looks like his girlfriend has also That’s what you did with this one Oh wow this is a good thing Your name is Young I thought you would have brains but you got cheated by a girl I’m not a shopper like you How can you talk nonsense like this Hoon You want to kill me Did you kill me? You are not at all like Shank, you are even equal to the shoes on his feet.

Don’t you understand? You are also that amazing. Stupid, what did you think? I like you, Mr. S. Let me explain. Now, let’s go home. And yes, I have come to know that there has been some progress in your earlier case. Yes, right. Said, but before that we should go shopping. Come on, don’t go shopping. If someone recognizes you, it will become very difficult. I just want to do a little shopping, otherwise I will die of suffocation. Oh, leave it all, let’s go then. Let’s go together. There is an ice cream shop over there. Let me go there.
It’s on my face. Why aren’t you eating it? What are you doing and why are you looking at me so intently? Why can’t you understand? You don’t want me to kiss you. Forget it, if someone takes our picture. So what will happen, there is no one here, hey hello sir, will you make a picture of us, hey, why are you troubling me, you don’t know, they are dating, please forgive me, hey, no problem, bring it, I will make a picture of you guys, very good, very Thank you very much, I saw that we were about to be caught. I didn’t know that someone would suddenly come home like this.

Now come on, look here, is this news true, is it about the Mission? Yes, you are telling the truth, what is written, this is a very loud person, who is this, I don’t know who it is, why are you creating ruckus, I am sorry. What’s going on? I’m asking again. How was the conversation between them? Tell me, why are you silent now? Please tell me also, what are you so happy about? We are just watching the news on Weibo. What is it about Shan? Hey, tell me clearly, that was only yesterday, then why so much ruckus about this matter and oh no no sir, see here it is written that yesterday Shanam Shia

Had he said anything wrong to someone? Yes, it is written that he has cheated someone, that is why we are very surprised, please forgive the director. Just watch it, it is very interesting, what is it about? Yes, and remember there is a set Agar Tu Tum. Even if people get the news, you will have to remain proud, this time I am leaving but not next time, mummy, I told you, don’t call me mummy here, but there is no one here mummy and you are not looking happy even on your face. That mean girl has become a heroine, isn’t she unhappy because she has become your mother’s best friend?

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I used a good friend, I didn’t know that she would do this, that’s why I am a little sad, and that too not just a little, still don’t be sad at all, I do a magic for you, mom, where did you get it for me? Uncle Propus gave this to me and I brought it to you, mom, now is the right time, you give this flower to dad, I thought this flower was for me, but in reality it is for him, now tell me, do you like mom more or Daddy, you tell me, do you like dad or me, you are really very evil, I don’t like him at all, I like you too, my mom.

I like it more, the shooting is over, what are you hiding behind, have you brought something, I have come to do a magic for you, Apara Katara, here it is for you, Happy Valentine’s Day, I am not going to do any magic, Happy Valentine’s Day, you have really loved me. Have you surprised me? Is this a bracelet? Later, I have to throw a party for you and I am fine with you. Come on, I will give you time. Oh my God, Dad is really an idiot. He should not have given me this gift now. And my dad needs your help

Missus Miss, you are back, I have prepared food, eat it Chakriya Aunty, you have done everything properly, yes, everything is arranged, Mama, Papa, we both are going out for dinner, both of you, please do it together, yes, this is right, both of you. Eat well, Mr. S. Have you done all this [music] You have been thinking so much, I do not believe that you did not do all this, I did not do all this, I have no doubt, I am sure that this idea of ​​​​dinner plan is only yours, let’s go Leave the chairs, let’s do chairs, have a drink or else tomorrow evening

It will affect the shooting, okay, I understand, but I am a pro now, I know it, today’s weather is very good, maybe Mr. Sur may become romantic, Mr. Su, put this bracelet on my hand yourself, oh, you left my hand so soon, at least for a while. Let’s catch it, please catch it, I don’t know how I forgot, I had some of my stuff left, I have come to get it, okay, haven’t you gone yet? Oh, have I come at the wrong time, I didn’t come here to get anything, but to tell you that there is soup. If you have it in your stomach then drink it. Now I am leaving. Thank you very much. Dada ji has probably come. Oh this.

Where have you put your hands? Nothing. Who is Grandpa Dada? Your grandfather and you can’t stay home even for a day. Can’t you come with me? Hey, listen, don’t bother them. This is Valentine’s Day, let them spend it together, let them have dinner together. I will take both of you to a place to eat good food and where did you put your hands? Come with me now, this kid is not a good boy at all. We are going out for dinner. Will you come with us? Then it is okay with your sister. Let’s go and have dinner at a nice place. I just want to have dinner with you, Grandpa.

Pick me up, okay, okay, I will go to have dinner with you, Data Ji, you go carefully, when I am free, I will come to meet you myself and you behave a little better, what nonsense, the whole dinner has been spoiled for all of them. I had just come to spoil the fool, now what childishness is this that he has told me to live with good manners, now he has gone, I am feeling bad, you too, live with good manners, let’s eat food, these boys and girls can never understand this incident. It is true sir, she says that Hosea has kidnapped her and she wants you to help her. Want to escape?

Yes, after doing so much, how are you telling me this? Yes, he said, you are not like this, stop this nonsense, you are not crazy, right, you have done wrong with Yash, now how will we achieve what we want to achieve. Wanted under the contract, it seems that it will be closed, we will have to invest more money, how much more will we have to invest, earlier you had invested 30 crores, now you will have to invest 70 crores, I say, do it like this with your 50 million. The loss will be compensated, shut up, first think properly, then tell me I am out of my mind.

If you don’t do it, then sorry, I can’t tell you anything. You are fine, you just have a little headache. I will see if it gives you relief. What are you doing? I think I have lost my senses. You haven’t even finished half the glass. Are you telling me too much? Okay, is it? I have a very high fever. I knew it. I didn’t know what was the matter with you. You are not romantic at all and are very boring. I am feeling sleepy. I am going to sleep.

I am not romantic, he is not romantic, he is a very simple man, so where is he now? You suddenly surprised me, you have always provoked me to watch some ideal dramas, now it seems there was something else in those dramas, I think this Did you like it? Yes, maybe you should watch it. Rest, I don’t know. I am feeling sleepy. I am going to sleep. I miss you. You seem to be in a good mood today. Yes, maybe something good has happened to you. There is only a smile on your face. What happened yesterday that was so good, just like this, it’s good.

  1. I don’t know what happened outside I don’t know, I will come after seeing, I know very well why is

  2. mumma happy today, mumma, yesterday you slept with daddy, no, don’t make yourself too smart,

  3. keep quiet, little mouse, mumma, did you even kiss Baba? Think, you are still very young, you

  4. should not ask such questions at all and watch less TV, understand mom, you are very dirty, I was

  5. the one who brought you two together, say thank you to me, I will tell you to ignore me, yes, okay,

  6. okay, anyway, you should do your work. You like dad more than mom, so go to your dad.

    And your mother will become your step mother and then she will eat you raw. Is everything okay? What has happened? Director, why does anyone else want to come here? We were shooting here, so why would anyone else come? This is Rijhal Entertainment Group. That’s why they all want us to stop making films, so will you stop, do you have any problem with acting?