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Home » Cuttputlli box office collection 1 day How much was the Kathputli box office collection on Day 1?

Cuttputlli box office collection 1 day How much was the Kathputli box office collection on Day 1?

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How much was the Kathputli box office collection on Day 1? Cuttputlli box office collection 1 day

Once again, Akshay Kumar is seen in the role of a cop, Akshay Kumar’s new film Puppet has been released on Disney Plus, Hotstar, after watching the film, your mind will go completely numb because a suspense thriller film Because of this, this film gives you so much shock that every new scene gives you goosebumps, here Akshay Kumar is completely engrossed in the character of Arjun Shetty.

Once again Akshay Kumar is seen in the role of a policeman, but in the previous films, where Akshay Kumar was seen doing action as a policeman, but in a puppet, Akshay Kumar does action with his mind, that is, he plays mind games.

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Many changes have been made in the story of the film and the director of the film, Ranjit Tiwari, has tried to give something new to the audience and believe that when you watch the film, you will not feel that this film is an adaptation of any South movie. Whereas the film has been made in such a way that in every scene you get a new filling and you feel that man, what have you seen.

This is a complete ruckus as well as the camerawork of the film is so spectacular that the hills of the Kasauli area of ​​Uttarakhand in the film, which are the valleys there, have been suitably so well that this film is quite a lot. If it looks grand, then it is appreciated here by the production house of the film, Pooja Entertainment, who suit the film on such a grand level, as well as if we talk about the special things of the film, then the content of the film here is so solid.

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Apart from being a suspense thriller movie, the film also gives you a romantic tinge as well as a light smile at some places and the film completely looks like a stylish thrilling film when it comes to the scenes of investigation. After watching that scene, you are completely shocked and you are not able to product what will happen in the next scene, here the story of the film is quite unique as well as visually this film looks quite grand.

But the director of the film Ranjit N Tiwari has put the screenplay of the film in such a way that this film does not let you get bored even for a second, but the best thing I liked about this film was its background music, yes background music is so powerful. .

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When the background music plays in many scenes, you are shaken to the core, so here the film is completely a complete thrilling film, while watching the film, your senses are going to be 100% blown away but here is the star cast of the film. His performance adds four moons to the film, where on one hand Akshay Kumar has given the best performance of his career, while on the other hand the heroine of the film Rakul Preet Singh whose character is very important in the film.


Cuttputlli box office collection 1 day 

Rakul Preet Singh has also done the best work so far, whether it is to look glamorous or to melt people with her acting, here Rakul Preet Singh completely impresses you and the second heroine in this film is Sargun Mehta who We have seen mostly in Punjabi films but the character of Sargun Mehta in this film is quite different and also very important and you 100% liked Sargun Mehta’s work with Rakul Preet Singh, apart from this Chandrachud Singh is also in the film. .

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Those who are seen in a film after a long time and feel very good while watching them and feel that they should get more work as well as Gurpreet Singh Ghuggi is in the film, who also saw in a Hindi film after many days and His work is also superb.

Apart from this, the rest of the supporting cast of the film has also done a very good job, so overall we can say that the casting of the film is quite perfect, apart from these actors, we do not think of anyone else in these roles at all. Because this film is not a film that you have seen once and forget that this film is going to be remembered by you for many years.

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So overall I would say that the puppet film here has been made in a very lovely way and the way we were expecting, this film 100% lives up to the expectations of a great suspense thriller film, let us tell you the budget of the puppet film is Only 70 to 80 crores but the digital rights of this film have been sold to Disney Plus, Hot Star for 125 crores.

At the same time, the satellite rights of the film have been sold for 45 crores as well as the music rides of the film have been sold for 10 crores i.e. the producers of the film have made a profit of 100 crores directly from this film, which if this film is in theaters. Had it been released, it would hardly have earned so much, but friends here, the makers of the film have earned 100 crores by releasing the film on direct OTT Disney, plus Hotstar and stay connected with us for such updates.