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Home » Jati Aay Niwas Online Kaise Kare 2024 Aadhar E Kyc Big Update

Jati Aay Niwas Online Kaise Kare 2024 Aadhar E Kyc Big Update

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Jati Aay Niwas Online Kaise Kare 2024 Aadhar E Kyc Big Update

Jati Aay Niwas Online Kaise Kare 2024 Aadhar E Kyc Big Update  :- Hello friends, welcome to all of you again in a new video today and in today’s video we are going to talk about if you are also a CSC wali and work on e-district, then friends a very big update has come on the e-district portal. It is now clear that whatever caste is permanent will be made only through e-KYC. Friends, if the mobile number is not registered with the Aadhaar number on your mobile, then you will not be able to do this process of permanent caste and income. Notification here. Also you can see it is written on everyone’s dashboard and very

Jati Aay Niwas Online Kaise Kare 2024 Aadhar E Kyc Big Update
Jati Aay Niwas Online Kaise Kare 2024 Aadhar E Kyc Big Update

All the people are thinking that Sir, what is this thing? So friends, I am going to explain the whole process to you. If you have not yet liked and subscribed to this video, then definitely subscribe to the channel and whatever brother you are, Friends, if you want to take the e-district portal, then we will provide you the e-district portal also through Sahaj company, so friends, wherever you have contact with Sahaj, you can apply from there through us at a very low price. I will give you e-district service diva and also now I friends

Now, when I click on the application for caste certificate, a page like this opens in front of you, friends, the new process is available to see here. Earlier, as soon as we clicked on the application, a form appeared in front of us. Used to be open but earlier, friends, what is the difference between now and now, I am explaining to you, so Aadhaar KYC verification for caste certificate Hindi service, here you will have to do Aadhaar verification, Aadhaar verification happens only when friends on Aadhaar card. The mobile number will be updated and the same mobile number should also be active.

Because an OTP will be sent on it, now we have typed our own Aadhaar number here, security code, you friends will type it here, then in the security code, I have put the caps here which friends had given, now right here. If you click, there is a notification written here, read it first because on whose request you are getting your Aadhaar card, it is written here and who will be responsible for it, all that information is given here. Friends, for consent to apply for only one caste certificate, you will give OTP here and here.

Because there are many things which are also applied through biometrics, but after removing biometrics from here, they have kept the option of direct e-KYC, now submit here, after submitting, you can check your You will see that a new dashboard will open and an OTP will be sent to your mobile number. You will have to enter that OTP here because I am explaining it to you friends step by step. There are many brothers who understand this. But there are some who are not able to understand, so here is your

The OTP which was on the mobile number will be entered here. After entering this, you will submit. After submitting, your account will open. You can see that it is in my name only, so I have given you a trial here, friends. According to the version, it has been shown to you that according to the training, how you all will work, so friends, one thing has changed, secondly, one thing has been changed in the form and a new update has been done here that if you people have given your Aadhaar card. Friends, if you want to take the photo on permanent print of ethnic group, then right click here, it will be available in many cities.

Friends, if there is a link with the ration card, then the ration card number will also be picked up automatically here. There were many people who had to enter the ration card number. Now friends, the ration card number will be automatically filled up here, so this is the thing that is changing and this thing. Friends, if you have understood then please like this video. If this is your first time on the channel, subscribe to the channel and share this video with all your friends who are in the group so that they can understand because many people are in such a hurry. Friends are messaging in groups.

Put it in the comment box. If you don’t understand, then friends, my number is given in the description. What changes have happened in it, all that will be told and if you want to get this district’s portal also, then it will be at a very low price. Friends, we also provide you this district portal. To get such updates, subscribe to the channel. We will see you with a next video. Till then Tata bye bye.