Vikram Vedha Box Office Collection Day 10



Vikram Vedha box office collection was for 10 days. Vikram Vedha Box Office Collection Day 10


Vikram Vedha Box Office Collection Day 10


The film Vikram Vedha has been completed for 10 days at the box office today, so today we will talk about how many crores of rupees did Vikram Vedha earned the total of crores of rupees in 10 days from Hindustan and how much Vikram Vedha film earned from abroad Directed by Pushkar Gayatri, which is a remake film, the budget of this film was 175 crores and the film was released on more than 5000 screens in the first week.

Although the screen of the film was reduced considerably in the second week, in this film, Saif Ali Khan and Radhika Apte are seen with Hrithik Roshan, talk about the total collection of the film so far, Vikram Vedha film made the first 7 days ie. In the first week, NET collection was done from India from 58 crore 57 lakhs, while the film’s collection saw a huge decline as soon as the second week came.




The film made a net collection from India on the eighth day of its second Friday i.e. 2 crore 54 lakhs but due to Saturday, the film’s collection got a big growth and Vikram Vedha film made a net collection of 4 crore 5 lakhs from India on its ninth day With this, the film’s All India Net collection in the first nine days had been 65 crore 16 lakhs.




The same film managed to get a very good occupancy due to the on its tenth day, according to the report which has come so far, Vikram Vedha is doing the film of India Net Collection on its tenth day, with the initial 10 of Vikram Vodha, with Vikram Vodha’s initial 10. India net collection in days 70 crore news



The same India Gros Collection 83 crore 50 Lakh Film has so far earned 33 crore 50 lakhs from the Oveersis Market, along with Vikram Vodha’s worldwide total gross collection within the first 10 days, even though the world is getting 117 crores. Earned 117 crores from all over, but still this film has been at the box office and follow us for similar updates.