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Home » Premalu Movie Review | Cast, Release Date, Trailer,

Premalu Movie Review | Cast, Release Date, Trailer,

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Premalu Movie Review | Cast, Release Date, Trailer,

transition oh that’s him right oh God I forgot his name nice  ] nice nice I’m liking the cinematography a [Music] lot oh nice we up this program to bring you taking my life in your way my way a

giving up on my doing it all alone time I show you on my the clock is sing flipping and Shing drinking but damn living a smok Ain a drink dream Ain aak Ain just a human now back to the see this looks to be our complete ENT but he doesn’t know how to get her okay he’s desperate he wants to say that he loves her and he’s trying every possible way but I don’t know if she’s not getting the message or she’s getting the message but trying to avoid him for any other personal reasons or that know

Premalu Movie Review | Cast, Release Date, Trailer,
Premalu Movie Review | Cast, Release Date, Trailer,

(04:05) he’s just not the S but and and the perfect the soall perfect guy for thought it was like you know it was [Music] mut were that was a good Reve though and I don’t know what will happen I think they’ll get together that’s what I’m trying to I mean that’s what is running in my head right now finally eventually some after after all the desperate efforts something crazy will happen and they get together that’s what I feel but that friend I think the [Music] friend there were loads of excellent shots now

I was I was shuttling back and forth but I really found the camera work very impressive and music also is very nice both are looking cute I mean the girl is looking very cute I think I’ve seen her somewhere but I can’t remember exactly okay so I think also the friend also I I think this is going to be very relatable kind of a story and I think people will enjoy this on screen very conventional story twists ands but I feel the the way they would have presented would be very engaging and entertaining for the

audience at the end of the day Cinema is entertainment if you can entertain the person or the people the audience for like a couple of hours you’ve done a good job I’m looking forward I I liked it personally I liked it a lot and I’m looking forward for the fil say in this video thank you so much for watching thank you so much for watching n signing off take care and peace